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Education Undergraduate Students’ Classroom Teaching Satisfaction Survey Research

Posted on:2016-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Classroom teaching as the basic organization unit of teaching, education in colleges is not only a key link in the process of education teaching reform in colleges and universities, and impart knowledge to students, cultivate students’ comprehensive ability of important place.Students as the direct participants and beneficiaries of the classroom teaching activities, their satisfaction with the improvement of classroom teaching is of great significance.However, under the background of several years of enrollment expansion of higher education, the development of education undergraduate teaching is facing a dilemma, there are mainly three aspects of schools,teachers and students.In the face of such predicament, customer satisfaction theory education undergraduate classroom teaching provides a way to improve work。Through this professional student satisfaction investigation, classroom teaching is not only beneficial to the improvement of the specialized classroom teaching quality, and to promote the professional education teaching reform, to improve the quality of the cultivation of professional consultation.This research is divided into five chapters,using literature method,questionnaire investigation,interview investigation method and statistical analysis of the four research methods.Among them, the first chapters is the introduction parts,this paper expounds the background,purpose and significance of this study;Define the concept of associated with satisfaction;The relevant research literature at home and abroad were summarized; This paper discusses the research idea,content and methods; Pointer out the innovations and shortcomings of this study.The second chapter part for the customer satisfaction theory and application.First customer satisfaction theory are discussed, including the concept of customers and customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction evaluation index and model,then from two aspects,object and method applied in higher education,analyzes the theory relevance.The third chapter is the pedagogy undergraduate student satisfaction investigation part in classroom teaching.Firstly illustrates the research purpose,research questions and hypothesis, this paper introduces the methods of questionnaire design and the implement process of investigation and the use of SPSS 19.0 data statistical method.Secondly,in turn,the result of the investigation for descriptive statistics and correlation analysis,finally it is concluded that influence student on education undergraduate students’ classroom teaching satisfaction factors.The fourth chapter as an undergraduate professional classroom teaching problems and attribution analysis section.This chapter revolves around three aspects :school,teacher, student,mainly from the curriculum,teachers’ evaluation system,logistics,teaching target,teaching content,classroom atmosphere,students knows about this professional degree,learning attitude,etc,analysis of existing problems,and the attribution analysis.The fifth chapter to improve education undergraduate student satisfaction strategy section of classroom teaching.In this chapter to the fourth chapter,on the basis of the study at the school level proposed strategies are : combining the reality of professional,optimize training goal and curriculum;Perfect management system,to encourage teachers’ teaching;Purification of university teaching,strengthening the construction of style of study; Enhance the service consciousness, do a good job in logistics.In the aspect of teachers around their own quality, professional level and teaching ability,the relationship between teachers and students in four aspects put forward the corresponding countermeasures respectively. In the aspect of students proposed strategies are: according to the professional orientation, set learning goals. The learning attitude, enhance the ability of autonomic learning.
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