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Study On Students Associations’ Construction And Development Of Newly Built Undergraduate Universities

Posted on:2015-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461973532Subject:Administrative Management
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Study on construction of university student associations originates from foreign countries, and university student associations are mass organizations organized voluntarily and spontaneously because of responsibility, common interests or common desire. With rapid development of China’s higher education, higher education gradually transits from the former’s elite education to popular education, which creates a good opportunity for construction and development of university student associations. With the deepening reform of university, construction and development of university student associations plays an increasingly important role. Therefore, strengthening construction of university student associations has a profound practical significance.This article selects university student associations of Henan University of Urban Construction as samples, uses literature study, empirical analysis, interdisciplinary research methods, bases on classification and characteristics of university student associations, combines with practice in building university student associations of Henan University of Urban Construction to analyze situation and existing problems in community construction of undergraduate university, and combines with practices and ideas from some typical foreign countries’and domestic university student associations, finally promotes strategies in community construction and development of undergraduate universities as following four aspects, they are establishing scientific management system, rational allocation of students community resources,widening channels to maintain the stability of student community team personnel resources, and strengthening construction of community trust. Strengthening research of newly building of student community in undergraduate universities, which not only fully understand situation of university student associations in China, find out the law of student community development,and has positive significance to promote practice of university student associations, but also is an important support of higher education to ensure policy implementation in place. The Third Plenary Session of 18th, focuses on comprehensive practical significance of deepening reform of education. Universities reform is the highlight content of comprehensive education reform, the reform of university students’ community construction and development, especially in the newly built undergraduate universities becomes one topic of university reform, is the important support of building a harmonious campus, and also epitome of core competitiveness of newly-founded universities. Student community construction and development of newly built undergraduate universities, not only enriches students’ learning life, but also provides important channel to improve students’ comprehensive quality. With the in-depth reform of universities, the form of community construction and development in universities constantly become enriched and its content continues to deepen. Strengthening construction and development of universities community, especially newly building undergraduate universities,which is really important to carry out the education policy,is the inevitable requirement of implementing idea of quality education policy, is even the starting point and foothold of improving comprehensive quality of university students, and is even an effective form including organic combination of better cultivation of the students’ comprehensive quality, ascension of school’s overall strength and society demand, therefore,this research on student community construction and development in newly building undergraduate universities has profound significance to both theoretical and practical level.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly built universities, Henan University of Urban Construction, university students’ association, association construction, strategy
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