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The Research Over The Establishment Of The Newly-built Teaching Team In Undergraduate Institutions Under The Background Of Transforming Development

Posted on:2017-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities are appeared with the higher education reform in our country;they undertake the important historical mission to realize the popularization of higher education and meet the different needs of people in higher education.In order to adapt to the new situation of the development,highlight the characteristics of local colleges and universities,further define the transformation orientation of colleges and universities as well as the talent cultivation goals,on October 21,2015,the ministry of education,the national development and reform commission,the ministry of finance jointly issued "the instruction of guiding parts of ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities to applied",then there is a clear strategy deployment about basic thoughts and main task on the development of transformation in colleges and universities.The ministry of education and the provinces are actively promoting the development of the transformation of the newly-built colleges and universities,to construct the application-oriented universities with Chinese characteristic.For the newly-built colleges and universities,the transformation of development is the inevitable trend and new historical opportunity.Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University restructured to become ordinary undergraduate course university in 2012 and was listed as a transformation applied university pilot in Shaanxi Province in 2015;it is a representative in newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities which in the transition to applied universities.The first important problem it will face in the process of the transformation is management of the faculty,there are many problems,such as unreasonable structure of teachers,unstable team of teachers,the serious loss of talent,the difficulties of professional high-level talent introduction,the construction of "double type" teachers' team is relative backward and so on.We take Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University as an example,first use the theory of human resource management to analysis current situation of the management of the faculty in this school from five aspects,which are the professional qualifications' structure,academic structure,age structure,consanguinity of scholarships and "double type" teachers training.We find out the problems and the reasons.Then we compare this school with the domestic rapid developing applied university and foreign vocational education in developed countries to summarize the domestic and foreign advanced experience of higher vocational education in the teaching management and find out the deficiency existing in this school in teaching management and put forward the corresponding countermeasures.In government level the countermeasures are formulating relevant laws and regulations,improving university teachers' treatment and streamlining administration and delegating power to the school.In the school level the countermeasures are reforming appraisal system,strengthening teachers' pre-service training and on-the-job training,opening channels to introduce talents,and perfecting the construction of "double type" teachers' team.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities, application-oriented university, Construction of Teaching Staff
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