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A Study On The Strategy Of Characteristic Specialty Construction In Newly-built Universities

Posted on:2021-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330611487115Subject:Higher Education
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At present,the newly-established undergraduate colleges in China are gradually exploring the road of application-oriented development,drawing on the experience of the construction of application-oriented universities at home and abroad,and many colleges have gradually established their condensed professional characteristics through practical market research and their own exploration,building characteristic specialty to gain advantage development of colleges and universities.Through the precise specialty orientation,according to the local resources superiority and the social demand,strengthens the school-local cooperation and the school-enterprise cooperation to train the applied talents,and has gradually established the specialty with national and provincial characteristics,a number of national or provincial applied demonstration specialties have been established;through the establishment of new research institutions and think tanks with distinctive features and the establishment of the high tech,we have actively promoted the transformation of scientific research results and promoted teaching through scientific research,technology for specialisation.This paper selects three representative universities from 31 newly-built universities in Sichuan Province,analyzes the current situation and problems of their specialty construction,and then puts forward the strategy of specialty construction.The main content of this paper is divided into the following aspects:The first part,starting from the cause of the problem,analyzes the overall development of Higher Education Status,characteristics of specialty construction for the development of new colleges and universities.And through the core concept definition,combing the literature about characteristic specialty construction at home and abroad,analyzing the angle,level and path of specialty construction from various angles,learning how other universities at home and abroad realize the construction and development of characteristic specialty.The second part is to introduce the theoretical basis of characteristic specialty construction in newly-built universities.In order to develop with characteristics,it is necessary to "seek differences,seek new features".The theory of differentiatedcompetition enlightens newly-established universities to carry out differentiated professional development,devote themselves to different development in the same specialty and special construction in different development,the advantages of special construction stand out.The base of Comparative Advantage Theory lies in that when the discipline advantage of newly-built universities is not obvious,the emphasis is put on the development of specialty and the advantage of specialty cluster is not obvious.The third part is the case analysis,the Article Selects Yibin College,Neijiang Normal College and Xichang College as the three target colleges,starting from the basic information of the three colleges,inspects the current situation of the construction of specialty with characteristics,and summarizes the existing problems,analyze the cause of the problem.The fourth part puts forward the following five strategies for the crux of the find the specialty orientation,to improve the matching degree between the characteristic specialty and the industry,to strengthen the content of the discipline and the specialty construction,to promote the coordination of the internal and external factors of the characteristic specialty construction,we should invest more resources to ensure the teachers and funds for the construction of characteristic specialties,establish the system of enrollment and employment for all specialties,and improve the quality of talents in characteristic specialties,carrying out the evaluation and certification of specialty construction,improving the internationalization level of characteristic specialty construction.
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