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The Effect Research Of APT Teaching Model To College Students’ Self-regulated Learning Ability In The Cloud Classroom Environment

Posted on:2016-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330464473782Subject:Education Technology
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With the advent of the digital age, information technology has been widely applied in the field of education. It makes the teacher changed the traditional teaching media environment of blackboard and chalk plus into the multimedia classroom, e-learning, online courses, mooc platform and other online websites courses. These new media provide students with a convenient learning resources, enrich the learning content, change the way students to learn. Faced with a wealth of teaching media resources, traditional teaching methods can not meet the needs of students. Teachers should change the traditional single classroom teaching method to explore teaching methods which can adapt to the digital environment. The cloud classroom platform is a learning management system developed by Central China Normal University. Currently, there are more than 100 curriculums in the cloud classroom platform, and according to office of academic affairs staffs disclosed,It will continue to be widely applied. " the Research Methods of Educational Technology" course has been carried out many times hybrid teaching based on the network platform. It launched two times hybrid teaching based on cloud classroom platform for college student, and achieved certain results.This research, on the basis of reading a lot of references and combined with education and teaching practice, constructed the APT teaching model which is to use a variety of teaching methods, techniques, evaluation to teach. In this paper, the APT teaching model based on cloud classroom platform was used in the " the Research Methods of Educational Technology " course. Take the two chapter "survey research" and "Preliminary analysis of the data" for example to describe the implementation process of APT teaching model. Select the Central China Normal University’s 2013 Undergraduate student whose major is Educational Technology as the research object, design the questionnaire and analyze what impact under the under the cloud platform environment the APT teaching model will make. And before the start of the course and end of the course to investigate for learners. from four aspects,the motivation, meta-cognitive strategies, learning time management and planning, learning environment, study the affection of APT teaching model on College students’self-regulated Learning Ability. Through the analyzes of the APT teaching model implementation effect, student could transform the learning methods under the cloud platform environment, this paper could provide reasonable suggestions for student to launch self-regulated leaning under the cloud classroom environment to improve students’self-regulated learning ability in information environment.The results show that the implementation of APT teaching model under the cloud platform environment can promote students to learn the knowledge and skills.From the student’ time of launching self-regulated learning, the implementation of APT teaching model under the cloud platform environment extend the students’ self-regulated learning time and promote students make relevant plans before completing the learning tasks. In the learning environment, through the implementation of APT models encourage students support the use of cloud-classroom learning. The students who have used the cloud-classroom learning are more inclined to help other students to use cloud-classroom platform to study and this mutual learning atmosphere is becoming stable. The implementation of APT teaching model helps to enhance students’ technologies acceptance and perceived the cloud-classroom platform’s usefulness and usability. At the same time, APT teaching model improve students’ satisfaction with the objective environment when they are learning by themselves and help students answer the activities in the learning programs so that it can reduce the time to answer learning programs’ activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud-classroom, APT teaching model, Self-regulated learning ability
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