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Research On Diversification Of Financing Channels For Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2010-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the promulgation of relevant national policies and social demand for higher vocational talents huge space in the rapid development of higher vocational education, enrollment in higher vocational colleges each year accounting for almost half of the national institutions of higher education enrollment for local economic development and and make a positive contribution to social development. However, higher vocational college and university education a prominent issue facing the development of inadequate funding for education, although the higher vocational colleges diversified financing channels for the pattern has taken shape, but still in the initial stage, the channels of the proportion of irrational, there are risks and non-stability, need to continuously improve and enhance.In this paper, the theory of public economics, education, cost-sharing theory and investment in human capital theory to develop China's vocational education as a wide range of theoretical basis for the financing channels. Followed by data analysis with a specific financing channels of the National Vocational College status, while several of the higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province as an example analysis that the current financing problems in higher vocational colleges, and then introduced the United States, Australia, United Kingdom , Germany and other foreign financing of higher vocational institutions, summed up the financing of China's higher vocational colleges Enlightenment, finally proposed the improved diversification of financing channels for higher vocational colleges several suggestions. For the resolution of China's vocational education and education funding for the development of a serious supply shortage, maintenance and expansion of vocational colleges in self-construction and development of great significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Vocational Colleges, Financing Channels, Diversification
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