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On The Status And Education Of The Higher Vocational College Five-year Students’ Ideology And Character

Posted on:2015-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The five-year vocational colleges in the secondary vocational education is a kindof new form of education of higher vocational education in our country. The five-yearsecondary vocational education with its unique advantage has won the acceptance ofsociety and gradually grow.But by hunan biological electrical five-year secondaryvocational and technical college students moral present situation investigation,although the five-year secondary vocational students moral status of the mainstream isgood, but you can see there is still a part of the five-year secondary vocationalstudents learn the professional knowledge and skills, but do not know how to behave,ideological and moral level of concern. the five-year secondary vocational students’moral character is characterized by low political consciousness, the utilitariantendency obvious; World outlook, the outlook on life and values are not clear, for thefuture, life is full of negative, the lack of young vigor and innovation spirit;Psychological problems,, prone to extreme behavior; Unable to correct understandingof self, the ego orientation exist errorThe five-year higher vocational students moral problems, the reason is thatappeared on the moral education problems. Five-year secondary vocational students’moral education in higher vocational colleges to value degree is not enough, coverattaches great importance to the professional education and moral education in highervocational colleges, heavy light of classroom teaching and moral character, the lifeheavy grades light personal accomplishment; The five-year secondary vocationalstudents’ moral education divorced from reality, the content of the content is empty,single content, content from life, old content, lack of specialized teachingmaterial;The five-year secondary vocational students’ moral education method issimple, pay attention to teaching method, lack of diversified teaching method is lackof social practice, not into various branches teaching; The five-year secondaryvocational students’ moral education teachers strength is weak, the teachers equippedwith enough, professionalism is not high; The five-year secondary vocationalstudents’ moral education is lack of the social from all walks of life to cooperate, thelack of parental involvement, the bad influence of social environment, the lack ofrelated functional parts.The countermeasures to solve the problem of the above are: attaches great importance to the five-year secondary vocational moral education; To perfect thecontent of the five-year secondary vocational students moral education; To improvethe five-year secondary vocational students’ moral education methods; Five-yearsecondary vocational students to strengthen moral education teachers; Build thefive-year secondary vocational students’ moral education good social environment.
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