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The Research Of CBA League Competitive Level Balance

Posted on:2015-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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More and more sports economists and scholars tend to believe thatcompetitive equilibrium is a key element when talking about thesplendidness and the sustainable development of professional sportsevents, esp. for basketball professional league. A consensus has beenmade that such an element not only ensures the uncertainty of the matchresults, but also the healthy development of the league.Professional sports leagues with more mature models are usuallymade by the western developed countries, both practically andtheoretically. They also stand higher in its research area, whose researcheshave had a positive influence on its sports league. In contrast,professional sports league in China started late, and comes out as prettynew, which for sure needs improvements, not to mention the necessity ofrelative theoretical researches on the competitive equilibrium of theprofessional sport league.This paper will try to do a research on men’s professional basketballleague in China (hereinafter referred to as the CBA league), and will be based on the following study methods and theories: the method ofdocumentary, expert interview, mathematical statistics and logicalanalysis, and case analysis on the basic theory of the competitive levelequilibrium of professional sports league, which mainly includes theconcept and importance of it, what its measurement is and how themeasurement will be implemented. Furthermore, the competition levelsof both NBA and CBA will be studied and compared. Although neither ofthem has an even competitive level, NBA has comparatively higher-levelplayers and is closer to the competitive balance, while CBA haslower-level participants.Needless to say, the success of the NBA cannotbe separated fromits reasonable and comprehensive management system,which will lead a way of CBA to the competitive equilibrium and futuredevelopment.The main research conclusions are as follows:First, wins the standard deviation, HHi index and gini coefficient aremore suitable for measuring the competitive level of the CBA league, butsuch a complicated measurement method won’t be a must for CBA.Second, neither CBA nor NBA shows the evenness of theircompetitive levels, but NBA stands comparatively nearer to thecompetitive balance.Third, regarding the balanced competitive level, the NBA has moreeffective and more perfect system, e.g.its talent system and transfer system are much more mature than CBA. CBA is necessary according toown situation, on the basis of improving existing system, establish asuitable balance of promote the competitive level of new system.Last but not the least, possible reasons that have led to theunbalanced competitive level and lack of splendidness may be: China’sCBA league is far from undertaking the right way to professional league;League management mechanism is not fully market-oriented;too muchadministrative intervention; lack of reserve talents;displacement of humanresources;sharp difference in investment from clubs; the Marketizationofprofessional Leagues is not yet ready.
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