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Study On Power Quality Of Some Leading Players In National Wrestling Team(Men Free Style)

Posted on:2016-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330467981925Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Free style wrestling is attached to strength-to-strength sports among which thepower quality is the key factor to affect athletes’ skill. However, Chinese athletes nevermade good performance in international games and the weakness of power quality is thekey factor. Nowadays, the overall development of athletes’ competing skill has becomea trend and the requirements on the power quality is more strict. Power quality has beenalways the key part of wrestling training in China which not only includes thetraditional way but also some comprehensive training and enhancing trainings tostrengthen the power of Chinese athletes. The thesis is based on the survey on thenational wrestling teams mainly focused on the key players. From the perspective ofpower study, the author employed the methods such as interview, questionnaire, andselected5key player,15master-level and15sports level athletes to do the test ondifferent strength and wingate30without Oxygen(Biggest Power, speed power, staminapower and reaction power). The author also made the analysis between the Chinese andforeign athletes with spss. The difference of power quality have been proved with themethod of index weight and percentage. Analysis have been made on the problems onthe key player and coping strategies have been put forward. The results as follows:First, compared with the master-level and sports level athletes, the key playershave the advantage on the power, but compared with the world-level athletes, they arenot the same level on the laying down and stretch. Especially the athlete Chen Hua isweak on the competition of power. He should enhance the power of upper limb andwaist power.Second, the difference is more obvious when it comes to the speed power andstamina power(offence and defense without weapons, the combination of the sacks).This also proves that the adjacent level athlete have no big difference on the power.Special power the main reason for the difference.Third, the key players, master-level athlete and sports level athletes have no bigdifference on the reaction power and functionality power(P>0.05). The training on thereaction power and functionality power is not satisfied. Although the training is on theway in national team. But the leaders haven’t give attention on the new training. Fourth, compared with the master-level and sports-level athletes, the key playershave great advantage on the power quality(P<0.05). The difference is obvious, but thedifference on the reaction and functionality power is small.Fifth, every athlete has his or her strength and weakness. According to the powerquality of the five key players, Qi Mude and Gao Feng have good power quality. But thecompeting skills are not good. However, Deng Zhiwei, Chen Hua and Zhang Zong yaois not good in power quality. But they are flexible and have good competing skills.Sixth, when it comes to the power training, the power and stamina training accountfor a big percentage and the percentage of speed power is small. The training of reactionpower and functionality power is to drab. On the physical base, the key players aremuch better than the master-level and sports-level player. But compared with theforeign excellent players, the gap is big. This also proves the importance of theAnaerobic Exercise. It can help the athletes enhance their Anaerobic ability and lay asolid foundation for good power quality.
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