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An Experimental Research Into The Project Based Learning Into The Process Of Teaching Track And Field Technique

Posted on:2016-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ZengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330470963537Subject:Sports teaching
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In order to adapt to China’s higher education reform and the development of the society to talented person’s demand, teaching reform in Colleges and universities in various disciplines and spreading, innovative teaching concepts, reform the teaching content, innovative teaching method is the trend of teaching reform. The track and field courses as the main courses of college physical education teaching, in the teaching training plan occupies a very important position. The current track and field teaching, many teachers still use the "explanation demonstration practice" the traditional teaching mode is monotonous cycle, It’s not conducive to the cultivation of students’ practical ability and improve the initiative and enthusiasm of learning. "Project driven" teaching mode is a mainstream practice teaching mode of teaching has broken the traditional teaching concept, become an important subject in the research and practice of the teaching of sports skill.This study describes the theoretical support of project driven teaching model,design a "project- the creation of learning environment and prompt guidance team collaboration project modification and perfection of multiple evaluation" of the teaching process, construction of the project as the main line of the project based learning in track and field courses. On practice teaching of track and field courses as the research object, using project based learning as the main method, according to the characteristics of students in project of students’ practical teaching mode of track and field teaching drive. The results of the study show that:1. project based learning of track and field technique teaching will improve track and field technical skill assessment, compliance and quality, for students to master the technique and improve performance, develop physical fitness plays a good role in promoting.2. project based learning is beneficial to the cultivation of autonomy and the enthusiasm of the students. According to the completion of the project for students learning driving force, through the actual participation and experience the exercise practice ability; students in the learning process, the project knowledge and extension of knowledge links, expanding knowledge, promote the consciousness of learning.3. project based learning can develop students’ diffuse skills and innovation ability.Interactive-communication between teachers and students or students between students in the teaching process, also, question or discuss of untimely, It can enhancethe students’ innovation ability and diffuse ability.In this study, the concept of project based learning to further improve the design,validate the feasibility of project based learning for track and field technical teaching applications, practicality and effectiveness in practice. Project based learning in college sports practice courses Teaching and promotion, Which can help students practice skills and improving the overall quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project Based Learning, Construction, To Teach Track and Field Technique, The teaching experiment
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