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The Research On The Development Of The Fun Track And Field Project In The Physical Education Class Of The Elementary School In Yantai City

Posted on:2020-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2437330575488351Subject:Master's degree in physical education
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In recent years,the physical quality of China's young students has been on a downward trend,which has aroused great attention from the whole society.School physical education is one of the most important ways to improve students' physical fitness.However,as traditional track and field is more boring and boring than children's interesting track and field,it is difficult to arouse children s interest in track and field.Children's interest in track and field is strong.It can attract students to participate in sports and enjoy happiness in sports,so that students can understand the basic knowledge of track and field,master the basic skills of track and field,cultivate the spirit of hard work,experience the fun of track and field and inherit the culture of track and field.What's more important is that through this form of sports they can voluntarily participate in athletics,so that the physical and mental health of children and adolescents can be fully developed.This paper makes a brief theoretical analysis of children s interest in track and field,clarifies the difference between children s interest in track and field and traditional track and field,and discusses the important significance of children s interest in track and field in school physical education,in the hope of making the general public understand the content and characteristics of children's interest in track and field.And with the literature material law,questionnaire survey method interview method and logic analysis and other methods of gout diameter project in yantai city elementary school physical education to carry out the situation of investigation and study,analysis of yantai city primary school in conducting interesting problems encountered in the track and field events and puts forward corresponding countermeasures for interest provides the theory basis for track and field in the primary school physical education development.1.It is not optimistic to carry out the project in physical education classes in schools in our city.2.Primary schools in yantai do not attach much importance to physical education curriculum,which affects the development of this project.3.Teachers,parents and students in our city have a relatively shallow understanding of this project.4.PE teachers' teaching staff and teaching innovation still need to be improved.5.The acceptance ability of students is uneven,and the introduction of new projects is not well taken care of,which affects the enthusiasm of students to participate in sports.6.Relevant education departments invested less in this project.
Keywords/Search Tags:track and field, interesting track and field, school sports, physical quality
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