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An Experimental Research Into The Application Of Constructivism Learning Theory Into The Process Of Teaching Track And Field' Technique

Posted on:2006-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ZhanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152482811Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Track and field's technique is an important part of physical education in higher schools. Nowadays, with the teaching curricula of physical education major under way of unceasing reform, and technical teaching periods of physical college or department yearly on the decrease, a campaign to renew educational idea, reform teaching content and innovate educational methods is on the rise without being noticed. So how to tactfully use modern educational techniques and ideas to guide teaching activities is a problem that all educational workers need to take into deep consideration. With the development of modern educational techniques and the renewal of educational ideas, constructivism-learning theory, which came into being in 50s and 60s last century, has received increasing attention and mad tremendous progress. As a result, it has become a new studying theory, which has provide guidance both in theory and practice for education and reform at the present stage. Its essence includes the four elements, that is context, co-operation, conversation and finally meaning construction. Under its environment, students' role as well as teachers' role, students' initiative as well as teachers' leading characteristics have changed a lot while compared with traditional teaching ideas. How to put constructivism studying theory and multimedia network techniques with computer technique at the center into physical education practice in higher schools is a problem that massive physical education teachers in higher schools are take pains to discuss and study. According to the latest tract and field teaching outline, this thesis, concentrating on the four elements of constructivism studying theory, taking the physical education major students grade 2003 and 2004 in Jiangxi normal University as the studyobjects, selecting huddle race, high jump and shot such three representatives events as the experiment objects out of the six tract and field techniques events set by education ministry in its directing outline for 9 key courses teaching in the senior physical education major in common higher schools , has conduct a experimental research into using constructivism studying theory to direct teaching practice in track and field's technique teaching process. Through the random grouping teaching experiment conducted after the check on student's difference, the comparing experiment between the two different teaching models have showed: to guide the practice of track and field technique by constructivism studying theory can effectively improve students' passing rate and grades in their track and field technique, improve student's ability both to make instant judgment while at the high speed and to analyze whether their sports techniques are right or wrong, improve students' studying interest and initiative, which has confirmed the feasibility and promise that constructivism studying theory can be used into track and field teaching process. Meanwhile, the study result has provided a practicing direction for the curriculum reform on physical education course.
Keywords/Search Tags:Constructivism Studying Theory, To Teach Track and Field Technique, xperimental Research
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