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The School-based Research On The Evaluation Index Of Teaching Staff Construction: Educational Talents Index

Posted on:2016-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330470968659Subject:Education management
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As education is the key to national destiny, the teachers are the keys to education.Therefore, the importance of constructing the teaching staff has become more obvious.In order to implement the spirit of relevant documents and place the teaching staff construction to a more important agenda, Suzhou Industrial Park carried out an experimental study on the evaluation of teaching staff construction--Educational talents Index in 2014.Based on the framework of the evaluation index about teaching staff construction---Educational talents index, this thesis takes Xietang School as a case and carries out a series of researches, including literature consulting, questionnaire granting,contrastive analysis and so on. This thesis not only defines the concepts about “teaching staff construction”, “Educational talents index”, “educational talents”, “educational talents index”, but also conducts case studies on both rigid targets and flexible targets, which include fourteen categories and seventy small items. It provides detailed and objective analysis in the fields of the rationality of cause and status, dynamic change trend,developmental potential and management performance. It scientifically reflects scores of the nine rigid targets( core teachers, top teachers, management talents of moral education,technical talents, the internationalization of education, highly educated teachers, high grade teachers, young core teachers and young management talents) by numbers. Besides, this thesis provides the same analysis of the five flexible targets, including the regional exchange of talents, the growth environment of talents, the comprehension of executive team, the stability of educational personnel. Therefore, it analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the teaching team construction accurately and objectively, which provides feasible reference for improving faculty structure and enhancing faculty activities. It also provides a reliable support for the construction of teaching staff in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:construction of teaching staff, evaluation index, Educational talents Index
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