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The Application Research Of Flipped Classroom Based On The Rui Yi Interactive Teaching Cloud Platform

Posted on:2016-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In or der to the needs of the development of education,now there are many types of classes,emergence of the flipped classroom was deeply loved by the masses of teachers and students.Turn over the traditional class,not only is the teacher’s role,and the teaching process of reverse it.Teachers from imparter of knowledge into the guide and facilitator of knowledge.From the perspective of students,will truly class back to students,students become the real learners.The purpose of this study is to study what are the deficiencies in the use of the process,in order to provide suggestions and opinions,and ultimately to the implementation of the flipped classroom to provide data based on the implementation of the Xinjiang.This study is based on rui yi interactive teaching cloud services platform environment,for the high school biology in xinjiang Urumqi corps 2 compulsory courses to flip the classroom。It on the basis of large data acquisition and analysis system,on the Internet and mobile Internet channel,such as tablet computer hardware as the carrier,relying on the basis of clouds and school private cloud services platform,and give full play to the advantages of traditional teaching of teaching with the cloud era.The core of the easy interactive teaching cloud service platform is based on the methods of documentary investigation, questionnaire survey and so on Relying Rui yi interactive teaching cloud services platform is good application effect in the corps 2 class,get the favour of students and teachers.To improve the students’ classroom a lot of,had the quality promotion of biological interest in learning is.This essay uses literature survey,theoretical support to the implementation process,and research on teaching,designed to "enzymatic properties" as the teaching cased esign,the entire implementation process shows Rui easy interactive teaching under the environment of cloud platform flipped classroom,highlighting the flipped classroom teaching advantage.Through the questionnaire survey,the results of the analysis show that the flipped classroom teaching mode,obtained the good teaching effect,active learning,independent learning ability of students,of biological interest in learning,knowledge and understanding of the extent,all aspects of the problem solving ability have been improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Autonomous Learning ability, the Flipped Classroom, the Teaching Case Design
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