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Practical Research On Improving Senior High School Students' Autonomous Learning Ability Based On Flipped Classroom ——Take High School Information Technology Curriculum As An Example

Posted on:2022-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306761461884Subject:Computer Software and Application of Computer
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With the evolution of the information era,the training standards of students have also changed to some extent.(revised in 2017 and 2020)proposed that students ought to the core element in education and focus on students' independent learning capability.The improvement of learners' autonomous learning ability will be conducive to their growth and development.Flipped classroom is a student-centered teaching model,which make for the development student' independent learning.During information technology teaching in senior middle school,there are more studies on the theory of turnover in class,but less practical studies centered on autonomous learning.Therefore,using the classroom transformation mode and taking improving students' autonomous learning ability as the main direction,this paper puts emphasis on the students' practical teaching in Y middle school in S city.The main research questions are as follows.The current situation of information technology independent learning ability of high-schooler.Implement the change of learners' autonomous learning ability after class break and shift.The following is a table of contents of the paper.First,it summarizes the theories of autonomous learning and classroom turnover,and combs the definition and theoretical of the concept.Second,according to the data analysis measured before the questionnaire survey,understand the current situation of students' autonomous learning ability in Y middle school in S City,carry out the corresponding teaching design,and then carry out practical research.Third,according to the measurement and results the interview after the questionnaire survey,subvert the classroom teaching mode and verify the changes of learners' autonomous learning ability.During the investigation of teaching practice the results are as follows.Firstly,the status quo of learners' autonomous learning ability: they have a certain interest in learning in high school information technology classroom,but students' awareness of autonomous learning is not better and their awareness of self-regulation is insufficient.They need to further strengthen their autonomous learning ability.Secondly,through practical teaching,the improvement of high-schooler' autonomous learning ability is affected by classroom turnover,which plays a positive role,especially the improvement of high-schooler' autonomous learning consciousness.Finally,it has a certain impact on the teaching and research of information technology,which makes learners interested in learning and offers a model for the teaching of information technology in the future.It is possible that this research can afford consult for the practical teaching in information technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:high school information technology, autonomous learning ability, flipped classroom
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