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A Research On The Practice Of Shanghaidian Ji University In Constructing Applied Sciences University

Posted on:2016-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330479977834Subject:Higher Education
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University of Applied Sciences Originated in Europe. It become the "secret weapon" to promote the development of the German economy with a professional practicality, strong guidance, closely related to the Germany’s local economy and social, high graduate employment rate for position. Now the background of our society are very similar to Germany of the 20 th century 60 s, 70 s of University of Applied Sciences Original background,Nowadays the process of industrialization in our country speed up, the industrial structure adjustment with the unemployment torrent, the torrent of come off sentry duty necessary requirement of higher education structure, personnel training structure timely strategic adjustment, to adapt to the needs of the strategic adjustment of industrial structure. Chinese college graduates have achieved 7.27 million in 2014.It is said "the hardest job in the history of season", because of hitting a record high with the local undergraduate colleges positioning is not clear at present stage, assimilation in school discipline, the homogeneity of personnel training, training of talents with local economic development needs, service area has a lot to do with the economic and social development ability is weak, many graduates graduate or face unemployment. Therefore, it is necessary to learn good German university of applied technology mode, change the local undergraduate colleges and universities the weakness of the single target and function for the transition of higher education in China. In order to make the local undergraduate colleges and universities and combined closely with the local economy and society, strengthen the local undergraduate course for economic growth and the drive effect and guarantee of sustainable development, to build with local characteristics of practical mode of application technology college. It is a right decision no matter from the angle of economic and social development, the perspective of education powers, or orientation of the development of higher education itself.Shanghai Dianji University has evolution technology since its tradition of education, now it is trying to build a undergraduate application technology university and having a good momentum of development. This article choose Shanghai Dianji university as the research object motor, and has carried on the detailed elaboration to its development background, development present situation, education, personnel training, teaching guarantee and managerial experience, proposed the possibility of local undergraduate colleges shifting to the University of applied technology, summed up the Suggestions to other local undergraduate colleges and universities in our country transformation: 1, the transformation of local colleges and universities do not rush, it should find their own school-running orientation and characteristics; 2, change the specialties of the blindness and randomness existing, relying on local industry, the construction practice, strong guidance, distinctive professional; 3, The "double type" teachers is necessary. 4, Strengthening links with industry enterprise and adhering to the managerial mode of production-study-research cooperation and docking industry demand, and changing the traditional teaching mode;5,Constructing of rigorous teaching quality assurance system to promote school connotation enhance, to improve the quality of personnel training University of Applied Sciences.
Keywords/Search Tags:Transformation of colleges and universities, University of Applied Sciences, Local undergraduate colleges, Shanghai Dianji University
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