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Research On The Specialty Construction In The Transformation And Development Of Local Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2018-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518456532Subject:Higher Education
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The higher education system of our country has already become the largest scale in the world,but this is only a kind of quantity increase,and it also shows the characteristics of extensive and unbalanced development in the aspect of quality.But,as China’s economic and social development,with the adjustment of economic structure to bring the industrial upgrading and the improvement of social construction,the relationship between talent supply and demand has changed,the structure and quality of personnel training has been unable to meet the needs of social development.In this context,the local undergraduate colleges and universities to the application of the transformation and development,has become the inevitable requirement of deepening reform,to seek the connotation of development,active service.The transformation not only conforms to the development trend of China’s higher education into the Popularization Era after the inevitable choice,classification reform and management of colleges and universities in our country is also at the same time,the transformation of local colleges and universities or the development of endogenous demand.A number of local undergraduate colleges and universities have established the strategy of transformation and development.The development of local colleges and universities,involving all aspects of the school and all aspects of personnel training.While the professional construction level is an important symbol of local college connotation construction and the level of education,is the key to the local colleges and universities play characteristics and advantages,become the focus and difficulty of transformation of local colleges and universities,paying close attention to.This paper mainly adopts the literature method,survey method and case analysis method,through analyzing the present situation of a college in the development process of professional construction and existing problems are analyzed and sorted,and draw some conclusions.From the aspect of local colleges,often due to the lag of educational philosophy,blindly planning and construction,resulting in the construction of professional disciplines is unclear,blindly seeking big perfectionist,professional settings failed to keep up with the local economic and social development requirements,focus on the professional support of weak and other issues.From the specific level of professional construction,academic tendency still exists,the lack of practical characteristics;curriculum and teaching content can’t meet the requirements of training applied talents;there is also lack of practice experience,teachers failed to effectively play the role of practice base.In particular,due to the professional construction of the external security mechanism is not perfect,professional construction evaluation system and standards have not yet been established,these are seriously restricted the local undergraduate colleges and universities of professional construction and development.Based on the realistic background of China’s ongoing local university change to the application type,with higher education theory as the guide,around the local colleges and universities in transition in the development of professional construction are discussed,and put forward the corresponding strategies of professional construction.That local colleges and universities in the development process,professional construction need to always adhere to the"regional industry+",service oriented,summarizes their own characteristics,the establishment of"industry,local,application type" the development of positioning,concentrated force,create advantage discipline;training scheme and strengthen the construction of teachers through talents the construction and application curriculum,teaching and research platform construction,especially to strengthen the cooperation with enterprise(industry),to promote the professional construction and development;in the process of transition,local universities must implement the open concept,build the support system,and promote the professional construction,is to promote local specialty construction in synergy,the interscholastic(regional)exchanges and cooperation,improve the social identity of educational level and the popularity of local colleges,promoting the professional construction...
Keywords/Search Tags:Local Undergraduate Colleges, Application oriented transformation, Applied Technology University, specialty construction
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