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Research On The Cultivation Mode Of Applied Undergraduate Talents Under The Background Of The Transformation And Development Of Local Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2018-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515452130Subject:Higher Education
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Ministry of education,Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued in 2015 to guide the local undergraduate colleges and universities to the application of the guidance of change,“to actively promote the transformation and development of some local colleges and universities,and strive to adapt to the economic development of the new normal talent supply and demand imbalance,the employment of graduates and other issues”.In this context,this paper uses the theory of multiple intelligences,theory of higher education divergence,by means of interviews,from the six aspects of the concept of talent cultivation mode,professional setting mode,curriculum setting,teaching system,teaching organization,teaching evaluation and so on,makes an in-depth study on the training mode of Applied Talents in local colleges and universities of A,B,C and D in Henan Province.This paper is mainly composed of six parts: introduction,theoretical analysis,comparative study,empirical research,countermeasure analysis and conclusion.The first chapter is the introduction,which mainly explains the origin of this study,the theoretical and practical significance,research status at home and abroad,research ideas,methods and main contents.The second chapter is the analysis of the theory,it is a theoretical analysis on the cultivation mode of Applied Undergraduate Talents under the background of the transformation and development of local colleges and universities.Mainly includes:the transformation of local colleges and universities,personnel training mode,applied talents training mode of the concept and elements of the definition;the main theoretical basis of this study and the theory of multiple intelligences theory introduction in Higher Education.The third chapter is comparative study,it is a comparative study on the training mode of Applied Undergraduate Talents in foreign countries.Main features of the training mode of foreign undergraduate applied talents,the six elements of a model,summarized from the cultivation of application-oriented personnel,summarized the successful experience.The fourth chapter is the empirical study,it is the analysis of the problems and reasons of the application oriented undergraduate training mode in the context of the transformation and development of local universities.In this chapter,the author finds out that there are six problems in the application oriented Undergraduate Talents Training Mode under the background of the transformation and development of the local colleges and universities,and the three reasons for these problems.The fifth chapter is the countermeasures,for the transformation of local colleges and universities in the context of the development of Application-oriented Undergraduate Talent Training Mode of improvement strategy.By learning from foreign successful experience,and from the national level and the corresponding countermeasures to solve the problem.In conclusion,this paper summarizes the research,points out the innovation and deficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Transformation of Local Universities, Personnel training mode, Applied undergraduate training mode
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