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Educational Staff System Of The Implementationof Provincial Universities In Dalian Areas

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With social progress and development, along with the global context of new public management movement, China’s higher education system is undergoing a positive and profound changes, staff education system is a national system of colleges and universities is an important institutional measures to promote the university management reform. Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Education on a pilot basis, in 2007 to carry out the full implementation of education in the College Staff System. At present, some experts and scholars and university management system of higher education staff workers to build the system has made some useful results, but also summed up a lot of experience. But there are a lot of problems, most of the lessons learned is partial, fragmented, content research is relatively dispersed, but did not form a complete architecture. For now, the only part of the domestic institutions of higher learning as a pilot implementation of the system of education staff system, and not extended to the national university.Dalian provincial universities that also carry out educational staff system Write this policy by investigating and understanding. Currently, Dalian provincial university management system unified management of post setting, the management system is not a full sense of educational staff system, so there are many problems. Under this management system, employees receive education on the development path of greater restrictions, allowing distorting education staff working attitude, enthusiasm generally not high, working together undisciplined, lazy. Only busy with tasks distributed superiors down, can be completed, also, or do not like to shirk their work to others. Staff can often be seen leading the task in no time surfing irrelevant pages, play games, play phone, sleeping and so on scene. This phenomenon is not a special case but ubiquitous, leading to this phenomenon is also not negligent managers, but the university administration system caused. So simply from the administrative system reform, and major universities in Dalian pursue educational staff system will undoubtedly be a new Shining Path.Firstly, through research and analysis of the implementation of domestic and international successful experiences of university education and the implementation of the Staff System problems occurred during research and analysis, summed up the experience and draw the appropriate conclusions insufficient, then investigate and understand provincial Dalian University Management System Situation and problems for the problems were analyzed further investigation and analysis needs through surveys and interviews in the form of a questionnaire for the education staff of provincial universities in Dalian, and finally sorted out for the implementation of educational staff system in provincial universities in Dalian ideas and program responses. The paper specifically structured as follows:First, the introduction part introduces the background and significance of the research, implementation issues, and the successful experience of the process of education in the emergence of the Staff System summed up the implementation of the Staff System of education in colleges and universities by the significance of domestic and foreign universities.Second, mainly for paper defines the basic concepts and theories to explain what is education staff system and related concepts. It also presents the main theoretical basis in this section. Throughout the text, use a lot of classical and advanced theory, makes the article more convincing.Third, the investigation and study some of the domestic situation of the pilot reform of university education Staff System implementation, and draw experience and success in the process of implementation difficulties encountered. Successful experiences, analyze problems and shortcomings, to lay the foundation for the implementation of the following education staff system in Dalian.Fourth, this chapter describes the current status of provincial universities in Dalian set up management positions and problems of analysis. Dalian provincial colleges and universities now post setting management model for management, under the framework of national unity post setting management system management mode. Through the investigation and analysis of this management model is not completely there, for example, "to the Chief, staff development space is limited, do not improve the performance appraisal system and other issues. Thus summed up in Dalian insufficient point provincial university management model.Fifth, this chapter of investigation and analysis, as well as interviews by questionnaire way ticket, for education staff Dalian portion of provincial universities to investigate whether a planned major surveys on their own path of development, interpersonal satisfaction, job Evaluation of the state, training status, salary and job satisfaction flow conditions. And for the statistical analysis on survey data, obtained education staff currently in Dalian for work status of provincial universities and management satisfaction.The sixth chapter based on previous chapters, thus Dalian provincial universities to implement ideas and countermeasures of education were mainly elaborated Staff System. There are many difficulties in the implementation of educational staff system, in this chapter, before the adoption of binding implementing difficulties encountered by national education Staff System pilot universities’ performance appraisal system is not perfect, "this one, after extensive research and investigation, summed up a Dalian set for a more comprehensive performance appraisal system, which is the innovation of this thesis, the implementation of education for the future of University Staff System in Dalian provides some ideas.Seventh, the epilogue of this article is a summary of the overall content, and made prospects for the future.
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