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The Method And Application Research Of Middle School Education Quality Evaluation Based On Factor Analysis Model

Posted on:2017-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330482999116Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Secondary education practice of education quality assessment is one of the hot issues of social concern. Education quality evaluation has an important role in guiding.Education is the key to comprehensive reform, and a leading role in quality enhancement of education. The assessment results of education quality evaluation are particularly important for middle-school students. Exam as one of the important elements means to assess the results of student learning, and this method of analysis has become a major target for researchers. Paper exam includes not only the subjects of student learning conditions, but also reflects the students’ learning ability as well as teaching effectiveness, and many other information necessarily requires. Education quality evaluation reform is also an important part of the college entrance examination reform.This working paper is based on the research results that concerning the analysis in quality of domestic- and aboard- secondary education. Furthermore, it also defines and combines the quality of education, evaluation of secondary education, the model of secondary education quality evaluation, and other relevant educational concepts and theories. Through the data collected, we analyze the results by drawing the data on the basis of specific groups of people whom the questionnaires are distributed about the quality of education high school evaluation. And then the scenario-analysis, the analysis of fundamental elements and the discussion of existed problems are processed accordingly. On the other hand, the analysis of influencing factors to exam-results is taken in the perspectives of student, student’s family and school.Since the analysis of the ordinary middle school academic achievement can effectively guarantee teaching quality monitoring, objective evaluation of learning and teachers teaching students,allows students and teachers to keep abreast of their timely adjustment of teaching objectives and teaching strategies.Attention to scores of high-school students and teaching quality of our schools, our schools simply summing up the scores of each student cause biased results of analysis and loss of valuable data and resources. Thus, we recommend and build factor analysis model to improve our analysis results by introducing the standard Z-score into the evaluation of secondary school education quality. In this case, we use pairwisecomparison between any two of factor analysis, the standard Z-score, and raw data to more accurately derive our model results. Collecting and analyzing data with SPSS,EXCEL and other software not only provides a reliable basis for the evaluation itself,also easy to verify the feasibility of performance evaluation methods. The improvement of teaching quality assessment provides a reliable basis so that academic level of high school students get close to their true academic level.
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