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Research On Evaluation Of Micro-Lesson Based On Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Posted on:2017-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330488995661Subject:Education Technology
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With the popularity of wireless network,the maturity of video compression technology and the use of mobile intelligent terminal increasingly widespread, the Internet gradually gets into the "micro age"."Micro-blog", "WeChat" and "micro film" appeares in succession, and has a profound impact on people’s way of life. In the meanwhile traditional teaching meathod, learning methods and learning resources also have been affected by "micro", the mobile learning, the flipping classroom and other new ideas arised correspondingly, the micro-lesson also arised at the historic momentand.The author analized the related research of the micro-lesson at home and abroad and found that research of micro-lesson is more concentrated on the theoretical research, design, development and application, for the research of micro-lesson evaluation is relatively very few. Many different kinds of education institutions have been trying to organize a large number of micro-lesson training courses, competitions,and in the meanwhile,they put forward some evaluation standards of micro-lesson. It can boost the research of evaluation of micro-lesson, also exposes many problems such as,the evaluation result is strongly influenced by subjective factors, the result is simply summed with weight and can not objectively reflect the quality of the micro-lesson and so on.Considering of the above reasons, combing with the evaluation of micro-lesson itself with the characteristics of fuzziness and uncertainty, this research introduces the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and uses other evaluation methods as assistant to make the abstract, subjective evaluation become operational and objective, to provide guidance for the production and evaluation of micro-lesson,to promote the development and improvement of the research on the evaluation of micro-lesson.First of all, this research analyzed the background, significance, and the current situation of the study of the micro-lesson, defined the micro-lesson and the evaluation of micro-lesson and defined clearly that the micro-lesson is a kind of digital resourse. Secondly, the whole idea of this research was explained, and the three methods involved in the research were introduced in detail. Thirdly,the research extensively collected the existing evaluation index system of micro-lesson, the evaluation index system of multimedia courseware and the evaluation index system of network courses, analized the evaluation indexes comprehensively, and built the preliminary evaluation index system. After two rounds of Delphi questionnaire consulting the expert group opinion of the evaluation index system, this research analized the recovered data, and made modification, finally built the evaluation index system of micro-lesoon which has got certification from the experts. Then this research used the Analytic Herarchy Process (AHP) and Delphi to construct comparative judgment matrix by means of a questionnaire and calculated the weight of each index, and got through the consistency check. Then, this research used the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, constructed the fuzzy evaluation model, and made a scientific and reasonable comprehensive evaluation to the micro-lesson case. Finally, this research summarized the research and raised the problems in the research and the future work.
Keywords/Search Tags:micro-lesson, Delphi, Analytic Hierarchy Process, evaluation index system, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
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