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Design And Implementation Of The University Administrative Staff Performance Evaluation System Using AHP-Fuzzy Omprehensive Evaluation Method

Posted on:2017-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The administrative management work of colleges and universities is one of the important problems discussed by educators both at home and abroad. The establishment and perfection of the university appointment system and management mode, especially the establishment of performance evaluation system and scientific decision-making methods have become an important development direction of university administration. The theory of personnel management is applied to the administrative work, provide the theoretical sources for the management of administrative staff performance, which promotes the development of university administrative work. This thesis mainly studies on the methods of performance evaluation of administrative personnel in Colleges and universities, and gives the ideas of system design and implementation.The thesis studies on the issues of the administrative staff performance evaluation indicators with many factors, complex hierarchical structure with uncertainty. The specific research lies on AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method in the application of performance evaluation. They began the design and development of the performance evaluation system according to the actual situation of domestic administrative personnel in Colleges and universities. This thesis analyzes the basic principle, advantages and modeling steps of AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method with details. Firstly the performance evaluation index system of administrative personnel should be established. From 1 to 9 scales the method of judgement matrix is obtained based on the index. It tests the consistency of the judgment matrix, using AHP to get the weight vector of each index. Secondly it divides the review sets, get each index value of the degree of membership of each comment, determine the performance of the comprehensive membership of each comment value using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. Finally it gets the results of the performance evaluation, application process of the model through a concrete example. In the system development of this piece, this article analyzes from the demand analysis, system design, system implementation and other aspects of the university administrative staff performance evaluation system development ideas. The system uses B/S architecture,JAVA language programming, My SQL as a database management system. This thesis first analyzes the feasibility, performance evaluation system function, performance and data requirement. use the function model of UML graphics system. E-R model is used to describe the data requirements. And then it analyzes the system structure and the network architecture of the performance evaluation system design process, a detailed analysis of the key functions of the system, the data conversion needs for the structural design of the database tables in detail. In the work of the system realization and testing it demonstrates the key function of the system interface display. The level of the key code analysis method is given in detail, using the SSH-Struts+Spring+Hibernate framework for the realization of the system function. It goes on the test of the system function, performance and safety.This thesis will test the performance evaluation in some colleges and universities. The result proved that it obtains a more accurate evaluation of the effect using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, and provides a scientific basis for the evaluation of school administrative staff performance. It promotes the work level of the school administration.
Keywords/Search Tags:college administrative staff, performance evaluation, analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, SSH framework
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