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Optimization Of Higher Vocational Colleges’ Students Evaluating Teachers

Posted on:2017-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330488465958Subject:System theory
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In higher vocational colleges, students’ evaluation of teaching is a systems engineering, the evaluation process must be based on objective foundation, however, due to the characteristics of evaluation, to some extent, the final result of the evaluation depends on the subject of evaluation and the subjective sensation of the decision makers. Students’ evaluation of teaching is a professional and highly technical work. It is very important to implement the evaluation scientifically, as it will affect the evaluation results and the use of the results. Students’evaluation of teaching in higher vocational colleges is to monitor the quality of education and improve the teaching level. However, just use quantitative method, it is hard to analyze and estimate the evaluation and make the evaluation project in a single hierarchy in any case. At this point, we can take the method of system theory into consideration. We can make the evaluation process clear and explicit by establishing a multi-element and multi-level evaluation system and combining the method of qualitative and quantitative or quantifying the qualitative information. By following the process and method of system theory and on the base of the construction of reasonable evaluation index system, this study provides a new, explicit and practical modeling approach which can analyze, estimate and optimize the evaluation index weight by using the system evaluation method and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). In this mode, by implementing the evaluation effectively and combining the characteristics and realities of students’ evaluation of teaching, we can determine the students’ evaluation of teaching results through the comprehensive evaluation system of the theory of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, and further improve the teaching quality of teachers by analyzing and diagnosing the advantages and disadvantages of the teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:students’ evaluation of teaching, system theory, index system, Analytic Hierarchy Process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
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