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The Investigation And Analysis Of Karamay Oil Field Employees’ Physical And Psychological Health, Physical Training And Behavior Of Intention

Posted on:2017-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330509951694Subject:Physical education, Physical Education and Training
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Karamay oil field company staff is taking part in physical exercise is an indispensable aspect of the staff team construction. However, under the condition of socialist market economy, the development of staff sports of large state-owned enterprises, has been awkward dilemma, the result is not conducive to break the barriers affecting the development of the national fitness campaign, made as the mainstay of the national economic construction of large state-owned enterprise worker’s physical and mental health problems become a social problem in the fate of the nation, thus carry out the exercise motivation and behavior characteristics of investigation, promoted oilfield company staff to actively participate in sports fitness activities, improve the health level and improve mental state has far-reaching significance.In this paper, interview and literature analysis, questionnaire survey method to collect data, using Microsoft Excel and SPSS statistical software for survey of valid data received by the careful arrangement and conventional mathematical statistics, to Karamay oil field company worker made a more comprehensive understanding of the health of body and mind, the conclusions are the following:First, the physical and mental health level of Karamay oil field company worker.Second, the number of Karamay oil field worker is in a stage of intention is, the total number of employees in the action phase ratio is relatively low, but the number of maintenance phase is more optimistic.Third. In Karamay oil field company worker with progressive exercise stage, in addition to surface type motive, the influence of the remaining four training motivation intensity are increased.Fourth, the main purpose of Karamay oil field company employees take part in physical exercise is to improve the physical quality, disease resistance. Meanwhile the age and gender for motivation types of sorting have different degrees of influence.Fifth, Karamay oilfield company fewer employees take part in physical exercise, participate in physical exercise time and more often than the average level of China.Sixth, Karamay oilfield company member most employees mainly by running, swimming, badminton and so on as the main exercise program.Seventh, Karamay oilfield company staff’s main exercise ground units such as the gym fitness sites.Eighth, less effect on oil field company employees to participate in sports activities of the subjective factor is the lack of energy, the objective factor is the lack of time.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oilfield company, The worker, Physical exercise, Training motivation, Exercise behavior
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