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Study On Coordination Degree Of Land And Resources Utilization Planning In Coal Mining Area

Posted on:2015-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330422987362Subject:Land Resource Management
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In recent years, the contradiction of land supply and demand have becomeincreasingly fierce, the problems of cultivated land protection and construction, landsupply and economic growth, food security and industrial development are graduallyprominent. And in the management, special planning focus on their own way, andsetting up layers of barriers to solve the problems. In order to break the bottlenecklimitations, coordinated planning becomes an effective mean of resolving thesecontradictions, the evaluation of coordination degree analyze the difference betweenspecial planning,determine the integrated development goals, establish an importantpart of coordinated planning system.Coal mining area using is a composite space problem, land and mineral resources,Interacted at the same space and time scope, are impossible to completely utilize landand mine resources, can only achieve comprehensive benefit maximization. Itrequires mutual coordination, mutual cooperation, common role in their respectivespecial special planning, and need a comprehensive scientific planning guide thesaving and intensive use. Coordinative utilization planning technology of land andresources in coal mining area base on the above,In the context of building a socialistharmonious society, and strive through the "general land use planning","urban masterplan" and " mineral resources planning " three regulatory coordination, reduceconflicts, and ensure development, promote coordinated resource sustainableutilization, establish coordination to integrate various resources planning system, tofacilitate connection and convergence of the plan. This paper analyzes the mainreason for lack of coordination between the three regulations, and initially proposedcoordination degree evaluation framework for planning,First, we discriminate the major planning in coal mining area, through analyzingof the main planning concept definition and development process to identify thecontradictions in the preparation implementation process in spatial coordination useplanning, and put forward corresponding optimization ideas initially. Secondly,Aiming at the four aspects of Peixian last round of the general land use planning,urban master planning, general planning of mining area, relying on the central plainshigh groundwater area feature extend from planning compilation, planningmanagement, planning externality effect, planning effect, using the AHP to determinethe weight of evaluation indexes and the development degree of planning. Using the coordination degree model to calculate the development degree ofspatial coordinating planning of Peixian since2004~2012, looking for the mainconflict and contradiction years of the planning by analyzing the results, findthe starting point for coordinated planning optimization of land resource in coalmining area. The evaluation results shows that In2004to2012interval yearplanning coordination degree is low at the beginning. The coordination degree of thethree plan, general land use planning and urban master plan, urban master plan andmineral resources planning are in disorder. In the period of2006-2008, Thecoordination evaluation unit reached the level of barely coordination, And after2010the coordination degree got to moderate coordination state. General land use planningand mineral resources planning was in the above of barely coordination. Theevaluation unit including town planning coordination degree has large different results.The reason is that the comprehensive scores of urban planning changes greatly, from2004to2012, there was an increase of nearly8times. And over the sameperiod, land and mine scores increased by only less than2times. The comprehensivescores of urban planning is not synchronized with the remaining two planning causinga low coordination degree. And the inconsistent of planning period lead to mainbasis,planning target, planning time is little of uniform. And in the earlytime, many social economy and urban construction indexs are in a poor state, thenormalized index values close to0, the urban comprehensive scores is low, but itincreased rapidly at late stage to realize counter ultra.At last, based on “major function oriented zoning planning” to establishthe coordination use spatial planning framework in Peixian Datun coal mining areaand put forward the modification advice on the latest round of general land useplanning","urban master plan" and " mineral resources planning ".
Keywords/Search Tags:coal mining area, spatial planning, utilize contradictions, coordinatondegree, evaluation system
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