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Research On Food And Beverage Service Supply Chain Coordination Model

Posted on:2015-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330431487352Subject:Industrial engineering
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Along with China’s economic development and people’s living standards enhancing, China’s catering industry is rapidly expanding, showing a chain trend. However, in China’s catering industry chain in the environment, catering industry contradictions that the rapid development and its mismatched providing of the back-end supply chain has become increasingly prominent. When the supply chain service provider integrate the supply chain,it appears as a relatively independent and complicated situation in procurement, processing and other aspects, food ingredients logistics and warehousing sectors for demanding environments, the demand contradiction of the central kitchen for catering companies, a large number of suppliers and catering business is not smooth docking, and so on. These uncertainties had a tremendous impact in the catering companies in the final price and quality of ingredients, the stability of food supply. The future development of the catering industry is bound by the decentralization, the lag to the standardization, scale and industrialization, how to optimize the catering supply chain systematically becomes a key factor to solve the catering business rapid and healthy subsequent development.Through the design of catering service supply chain collaboration model framework, the author detailed study the structure of the catering services supply chain, processes and setting up the collaboration platform. Firstly, starting from the development features of catering, the author take the catering service supply chain for a professional analysis, and leads to the service supply chain collaboration model framework. Then supply chain structure was designed from the evolution of the catering industry chain, after, the author make process optimization to different collaborative models by the supply-driven. Finally, the author builds a collaborative information platform to make the catering service supply chain collaboration and provides related suggestions to the information development of the actual service supply chain companies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service supply chain, Collaborative mode, Supply chain structure, Collaborative process, Collaboration platform
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