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Reserch On The Government Support Measures Of Hexian SMEs Technological Innovation

Posted on:2016-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330461491238Subject:Administrative Management
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China is being in economic transition period. For enterprises especially SMEs, the development of science and technology needs a strong policy support and financial support.It is difficult to achieve rapid development of technology relying on its own.Therefore,the support of goverment policy plays an important role on the microcopic operation of the enterprise.To study the situation of how to impact the technological innovation of SMEs through goverment action has important pratical significance for the county economy developent and the sutainable development of SMEs.As the subject of Anhui University postgraduate training and innovation base,the purpose of this paper is to provide some references for the government sopport measures of technological innovation of SMEs in Hexian.On the basis of relevant theories and existing reserch results,this paper analysis the support status quo of SME techology innovation and the existing problems of government support in Hexian.By comprarative analysis of domestic and international successful experience on local governments promoting technological innovation,it identifies the points of the promotion of SMEs technological innovation which can be referenced. Eventually it proposed some support suggetions to improve government support of the SMEs technology innovation in Hexian.There are seven parts in this paper.The first chapter is clarifies the background,research purpose and meaning,literature review contents and methods innovation and inadequate of this paper.The second chapter is definition and theoretical basis.It includes the explainion of SME,SME innovation concepts,introduction of technology innovation policy support system,regional innovation theory and Porter cluster theory.The third chapter, government support situation of of SME technology innovation in Hexian.It shows that SME technology innovation is an important support of economic development of Hexian.And then it explains the government promotion achievements of Hexian SEM technological innovation in recent years.In Chapter 4,it analysis the existing problems of government support of SME technology innovation in Hexian.Government has failed to creat a good environment and atomsphere of technology innovation.The fiscal and financial policy system of SEM technology innovation,science technology talent introduction and training system is imperfect.And the service platform of technology innovation is also imperfect.Chapter5,the experience and implications of domestic and foreign government support of SME technology introduces and compares the success of SME technology innovation government support of the US,Japan,Germany,Beijing Zhongguancun,Shanghai Pudong New Area and Guangdong Specialized Town.Chapter 6,the countermeasures of Hexian government support of SME technology innovation.Firstly,creat a good strategy environment for SME technology innovation.Secondly,improve the financial and taxation policies. Third, impoverish the mechanisms of talennt introduction and training.Fourth,increase the construction of service platform of Hexian SEM technological innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:technological innovation, government support, policy system, small and Medium Enterprises(SME)
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