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Research On Evaluation Of Implementing General Land Use Planning In Toksun County

Posted on:2016-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330476950273Subject:Human Geography
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With the rapid development of the global economy and society, the contradictions between supply and demand of land resources have become more and more prominent. General land use planning plays an important role in the macro-control of land supply and demand, arranging and adjusting land use. And the key of general land use planning is implementation, the evaluation of implementing planning has become the subject that all over the world’s scholars strive to study.Based on the traditional qualitative and quantitative evaluation, this paper added the positioning of the evaluation based on GIS, and took Toksun county of Xinjiang as an example, constructed a set of system about the evaluation of implementing planning,conforming to the characteristics of the northwest arid areas, further studied the spatial goodness in planning implementation’s process and results. The main contents and conclusions of the research were as follows:(1) Consulting and grasping the domestic and foreign research progress and the related theoretical concepts fully, analyzing the quantity and structure of land use on the planning base period year of 2009, the evaluation point year of 2013, the planning target year of 2020, to find out the characteristics and existing problems.(2) Selecting 24 indicators to construct the evaluation index system from four aspects including the land use scale implementation, land use structure and layout,economical and intensive land use and modifying the implementation of planning,using analytic hierarchy process based on expert scoring method to bestow weighing restricted by time period, were standardized according to the piecewise linear formula,combining with the multi-factor comprehensive evaluation method to judge the effect of implementation. Results showed that the comprehensive score about evaluation of implementing general land use planning in Toksun county was 86.86, ranked as“excellent”, but the economical and intensive land use and allow usage needed to be improved. Mainly due to the excessive growth of urban industrial land, planningtarget population and economic forecasting were high, the project land wasn’t implemented fully in accordance with the planning. Putting forward to modify the planning in part, establish construction land’s economical and intensive use mechanism, strengthen the control and management of planning implementation.(3) Using the GIS spatial analysis method and the overlay analysis tools of ArcGIS, based on the land use map of Toksun county in 2009, overlaying the land use situation of 2013 and 2020, to get the parts in the planning implementation’s process and results which have changed but don’t conform to the planning, and which the planning havn’t been implemented, then according to the land classification spot,using area and region’s spatial goodness model to calculate the corresponding spatial goodness value.(4) The results showed that in the process of planning implementation land classification spot, using area and region’s spatial goodness values were close to the standard of 1.00 mostly, didn’t meet the level of standardand, the other agricultural land and general agricultural area were in the lowest. Indicating that the county was inconsistent with the planning in the land use change on the quantity and spatial location from 2009 to 2013. In the results of planning implementation land classification spot and using area were mostly in the level of Ⅱ-Ⅴ, few met the level of Ⅰ, the level of construction land was low relatively, the other independent construction land and independent mining area were in the lowest, region’s level was in the level of Ⅱ.Indicating that the county’planning implemented well, the progresss was at a smooth speed, but there was still a certain gap between the results of planning implementation and the goal of the planning, the construction land’s gap was larger, in the future the implementation of planning still needed to be strengthened and monitored.(5) Finally, founding out the reason why Toksun county’s land use was inconsistent with planning, mainly including the difference of the scale between theactual land use and planning, the land use changing data were not updated in time, the actual land wasn’t entirely implemented according to the planning, the planning lacked a degree of flexibility, the dynamic monitoring of land use was weak. Putting forward to modify the planning in part strictly, update the land changing database by remote sensing in time, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of land use, use the legal measures and enhance the social supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:General land use planning, Evaluation indicator, Degree of spatial goodness, Toksun county
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