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Research On Service Outsourcing Relationship Governance From The Perspective Of Social Network

Posted on:2016-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330479499271Subject:Business management
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Service outsourcing has been a part of China and the world economy, and the service outsourcing relationship runs through the whole process of service outsourcing, and directly affects the service outsourcing cooperation performance. How to establish effective outsourcing relationship governance mechanism becomes the key to coordinate and keep the relationship of service outsourcing, and becomes the hot topic in academia and the business. Service outsourcing as a kind of economic activity, is embedded in the corresponding in the economic network.Instead of the perspective of a binary relation study of service outsourcing relationship, from the perspective of "embeddedness", this article studied service outsourcing relationship and governance, this article analyzed the service outsourcing network and its characteristics, and put forward two kinds of service outsourcing relationship, and built the relationship between the cycle of service outsourcing tie strength as well as the impact on the governance theory, structural hole model, and put forward the research hypothesis. Then, this paper uses case study method, selecting two software research and development enterprises, a logistics company and a technical service enterprise as cases, through formal interviews, informal communication, network information to collect related data collection. According to "embeddedness", the cases can be divided into concomitant and non concomitant types of service outsourcing, and we analyzed the two types of service outsourcing network characteristic and analyzed the network relation intensity, the influence of the hole structure of governance. According to "weak relationship" "strong relationship" "structural hole" "formal governance mechanism" "informal governance mechanism" as the primary codes, we coded the cases through qualitative software. Then, according to the analysis results, we verified hypothesis, and analyzed the case enterprise’s actual situation.Finally, this article haves main conclusion: at the beginning of the service outsourcing formation, the relationship between the parties is given priority to with weak relationship, governance mechanism is given priority to with formal governance mechanism; With the development of cooperation, the relationship between the intensity gradually strengthen, governance mechanism from the formal governance to informal governance. Package enterprise as the member of the structure hole position, when contracting out the enterprise in a strong position, both sides are more inclined to use formal governance mechanism; When members of the subcontracting enterprise structure hole location and structure of hole position members for strong relationship, the relationship between the two sides are more likely to use informal governance mechanism. At the same time, in the case study, we found that in service outsourcing relationship governance mechanism, the formal governance mechanism and informal governance mechanism is complementary, give priority to with formal governance in prophase, the late is given priority to with informal governance, but the contract such as formal governance has always been throughout the whole of the process of cooperation.Through the above research, this article hopes to be benefit for the service outsourcing enterprises in the aspect of service outsourcing relationship governance, in order to improve the cooperation of the outsourcing enterprise performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:service outsourcing relationship, tie strength, structural holes, governance mechanism, case study
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