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DIB Air-conditioning Company’s Business Model Research

Posted on:2016-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330482465172Subject:Business administration
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Enterprise business model by the external environment, such as enterprise scale, business characteristics, and policy constraints, the choice of business model is the important performance of the enterprise core competitiveness, for the start-up companies, after the survival in the early stage, business model has begun to gradually forming, at this time the choice of business model to enterprise’s development has played a vital role.This article mainly adopts the method of literature analysis and case study research, analyzed the DIB Air-conditioning Company operating environment and industry characteristics, study the DIB Air-conditioning Company business model, laid the foundation of the company’s development. Mainly used in the process of research of the target market positioning, customer value determination, choice of products and service pattern, organizational management and system construction, core competence construction theory of the five core. In view of the current DIB Air-conditioning Company’s competition in the market, first analysis of present situation and air conditioning equipment installation DIB Air-conditioning Company market competition situation, through the SWOT analysis, analysis of problems existing in the current business model of DIB Air-conditioning Company, put forward the concrete scheme of DIB Air-conditioning Company business model to build, take to central air-conditioning business model and the solution is given priority to with project manager system of performance appraisal way of combining the business model, and from the organizational structure, project manager system, the performance of the system, information and knowledge management, and other four Angle were improved, since the implementation of the scheme has achieved initial success, Also create conditions for the next stage of development.
Keywords/Search Tags:business model, construction and installation, organizational structure, overall solution, project manager system
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