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The Research On Structure Model Of Construction Project Manager Competence

Posted on:2008-05-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360245452471Subject:Structural engineering
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Nowadays, technique, economy and our society is changing dramatically in the process of economic globalization, informatization and market demand diversification of the world. As long as the competition becomes more and more complex in the management of construction enterprises, high-quality project management personnel are needed in charge of project management. The researches used to be built on the basis of analyzing the project manager static work with the starting point of accepting jobs passively. With the advent of the knowledge-based economy era, the widely use of flexible organization structure and the internal and external environment changes of construction enterprises make the traditional method which only adapt to stable organization environment become more difficult to satisfy the current need for position flexibility in construction enterprises. Human resource management with competence-based model provides new methods and tools for us to solve this problem. Competence-based model prefer person-oriented rather than work-oriented, and it firstly concern of working people and then the work which people engaged. It shifts the human resource concentration from work to the competence of individual and organization. The current study of competence in China is relatively backward and researches about the project manager almost stay in a blank area. Meanwhile, the study of competence appears more prevalently in the theory expound than in empirical researches, it is lack of system because of the absence of theoretical framework with superior guidance.This paper put forward the viewpoint that reviewed the competence of project manager from the perspective of competency, takes systems theory as the methodology and the competence of project manager as the study subject, try to apply the ideas of competence to exploration structure of project manager competence as well as the relation between structural model of competence and performance. This idea provide a new perspective and method for our study on the management capacity (or quality) of project manager, which overcome the shortcomings of mutual isolating and level chaotic in the traditional competency model. It has made up the research deficiencies of manager competence in our country.With the guidance of the idea of competence and according to the previous research, we need to analyze, summarize, collect statistics the content of the competency of project manager and make exploratory factor analysis on the structure of the project manager competence through interviews and questionnaires, and achieve the three-dimensional the competence structure model of the project manager. Project manager competence model is composed of three dimensions, namely management skills dimensions, interpersonal skills and personal qualities dimensions, in which management skills dimensions consist of six competency factors, interpersonal dimensions constituted by eight competency factors and personal qualities dimensions is formed by six competency factors.Empirical validation of three-dimensional model of the project manager competence has been done on the basis of the exploratory analysis. Confirmatory factor research shows that: Three dimensions of the project managers are mutual influence and interaction. In which the "personal characteristics" has the largest effect on the interpersonal relationships dimensions, followed by the effect is on "management skills" dimensions, and the minimum effect on the "management skills" dimensions is interpersonal relationships. Second-order factor model shows that three dimensions of the project manager competence reached unification in the process of interaction, namely unified in a comprehensive project manager competence. This paper adopted the comparison testing strategies of alternative model in the process of testing model, and compared three testing results of alternative hypothetical model. This result shows that 3D models on project manager competence is superior to independent model, single-dimensional model, and two-dimensional model in various fitness indicators, and effectively supporting multi-dimensional, multi-level structure of the project manager competence.It has been verified that the competence of the project manager is significantly related to the project performance through the research on both the project manager competence and the project performance. But different dimension of project manager competency has different effects on Project Performance. Among those effects, the "personal characteristics" has the largest effect on the project performance. This result shows that competence outstanding performance is the theoretical hypothesis which reflects the deep-seated personal stability. Followed by the effect from "interpersonal relationships", and "management skills" has the minimum effect on the project performance.The results of this study will contribute to matching personnel scientifically, reducing the waste of the personnel and providing theoretical and practical guidance to Chinese construction enterprise selection, training and development of qualified project manager.
Keywords/Search Tags:competence, competency, competence model, engineering project manager, scientific system theory, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation model
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