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Research On The Government Support Strategy For Small And Micro Enterprises Financing

Posted on:2016-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and micro enterprises have gradually become the backbone of our economy. They have an irreplaceable role in increasing employment, promoting economic growth, science and technology innovation and social harmony, and have important strategic significance to the national economy and social development. But due to the factors including manufacturing cost pressure, limited financing channels and high financing cost, a large number of small and micro enterprises are facing a dilemma.Promoting the healthy development of small and micro enterprises to serve for economic and social development is not only in line with current development trend, but also an important measure that takes full play to the functions of the government. The whole nation attaches great importance to this issue and has made a series of policies to support small and micro enterprises development. Financing problem of small and micro enterprises is a common phenomenon in the world; it has gradually got the attention of scholars home and abroad. From different aspects, scholars have put forward many strategies to support small and micro enterprises. With small and micro enterprises as research object and easing small and micro enterprises financing problem as starting point, this paper analyzes current financing environment, policies and problems. Based on the research achievements of scholars of home and abroad, combines with the actual situation of small and micro enterprises development and financing situation in Shunyi district, this paper uses application of inductive analysis, literature survey method, case analysis and other research methods to put forward strategies and suggestions in supporting small and micro enterprises financing from government’s aspect. This paper is trying to build a more suitable policy system and good financing environment to support small and micro enterprises that could help them to enhance competitiveness, to further promote the healthy and stable development of national economy. This paper emphasize on several aspects from promoting the financing guarantee institutions service ability, improving small micro enterprises and financial institutions in the public service system, strengthening financial institutions service ability, boosting small and micro enterprises to be listed on the new three board, introducing the mode of policy bank serving for small and micro enterprises,creating small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base and utilizing network financing to put forward supporting policies on promoting healthydevelopment for small and micro enterprises in Shunyi district.The innovation of this paper is introducing the policy bank service mode to innovate the mode of government’s participation in supporting small and micro enterprises, further more increasing the guiding the amplification effect of government fiscal fund. Moreover, this paper also puts forward suggestion of arousing vitality of small and micro enterprises to the largest extent by utilizing network financing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and micro enterprises, financing, policy support
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