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Research On The Relationship Between Work Stressors And Job Involvement

Posted on:2017-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330482484619Subject:Business management
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Along with the development of economic globalization, various industries are subject to the impact of the Internet +. Enterprises keep reforming and innovating constantly. In the face of changing business environment, enterprise employees keep adjusting the state to meet the challenges of a higher level, adapting to the new environment, who creates a new revolution in the development of a miracle, and achieves organizational goals under high pressure conditions. However, the high pressure of the work environment will also have adverse effects,which results as depression, suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism on the employees; to some extent, which results as high turnover rate, low output, low satisfaction on the organization. In main aim of enterprise management is to reduce the negative impact of the pressure, and to improve job involvement and output, for that job involvement has drawn more and more attention. Present research shows that job involvement can effectively predict job performance, turnover rate, organizational loyalty, satisfaction, happiness on different levels. Under this background, the aim of my research is to study the specific relationship between job stressors source and job involvement, and provide a new way to promote the development of the organization and the individual.In this study, the main object is enterprises’ employees of China’s new generation of 80、90, and collected questionnaires by questionnaire survey. SPSS20.0 was applied in data analysis. Explore the relationship between job stressors and job engagement by descriptive statistical analysis, exploratory factor analysis, mean variance analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis.Using our country’s 80, 90 new generation employees as samples to verify the applicability of the two-dimensional structure of the pressure source in our country, and studied how different pressure source influenced on job involvement. That challenge stressors have a positive effect on job involvement, hindrance stressors have a negative effect on job involvement. In the process of enterprise management, it can effectively control the pressure source to reduce the adverse effects of the pressure, improve the job involvement and work efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Challenge stressor, Hindrance stressor, Job involvement
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