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The Empirical Study Of Effects Of Challenge-Hindrance Pressure On Employee Creativity

Posted on:2018-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330542469793Subject:Business Administration
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The working pressure is ubiquitous in enterprises,which has been the focus of scholars and managers,and is a hot topic in the fields of organizational behavior and human resource management.In order to manage the working pressure effectively,the enterprise spend a great deal of resources each year to reduce the loss caused by the working pressure.The existing working pressure research areas explore the negative effects of working pressure,less about the positive side of it,and less on the classification of stress.At the same time,there is a serious divergence of the relationship between working pressure and employees' creativity in management's domain,the study of its mechanism is also at the exploration stage.So this study distinguishes the nature of working pressure,to explore the mechanism how challenge-hindrance stressor affect on employee creativity,mediated by work involvement under the perceived organizational support.Firstly,this study sorted out the existing literature of challenge-hindrance stressor,work involvement,employee creativity and perceived organizational support,and formed the research framework based on the cognitive interaction theory,resource conservation theory,job demand-control model and organization support theory.Secondly,this study focused on the mechanism of how challenge stressor and hindrance stressor affected on employee creativity,the mediation of work involvement and the moderation of perceived organizational support.And then we put forward the hypotheses and research model.Thirdly,this study obtained the formal questionnaire through compiling and modifying the questionnaire,exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis.Finally,the tests of the reliability,validity,variance,correlation and hierarchical regression had been used to validate the hypotheses.Research result shows that various individual and enterprise factors differently inflence challenge-hindrance stressor,work involvement,employee creativity,and perceived organizational support.Challenging stressor appraisal has significantly positive effect on employee creativity,while hindrance stressor has significantly negative effect on employee creativity.Work involvement fully mediates the process.The perceived organizational support weakens challenges-hindrance stressor effect on the work involvement.Finally,according to the results of empirical research,this study puts forward several managerial suggestions,such as emphasizing the working pressure management,focusing on improving work involvement,and reasonably providing organizational support.
Keywords/Search Tags:Challenge-Hindrance Stressor, Employee Creativity, Work Involvement, Perceived Organizational Support
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