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Study On The Impact Of Challenge And Hindrance Stressor On Employee Work Engagement

Posted on:2018-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330542488209Subject:Human resources management
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Under the background of modern organization,working environment is complex and changeable,and the sense of occupational instability is intensified.Working pressure,as an important feature of workplace,has always been a hot issue of social concern.Working pressure has a direct impact on the physical and mental health of employees,and also leads to their working attitude and behavior,thereby affecting the business performance.Job stressor is divided into two dimensions of positive challenge stressor and negative hindrance stressor by Cavanaugh(2000),and studies have found that challenge stressor has a positive impact on work engagement and performance of positive results,and the hindrance stressor on the contrary.However,in the past,traditional research focused on a top-down management change from the perspective of enterprises or managers,and ignored the demand of modern employees for the independent design of work.Modern employees hope to work according to their own preferences and ability or job characteristics,more self work opportunities,rather than just passive to accept a higher level of work content and arrangements.The bottom-up work design is also a useful supplement to the traditional management perspective.In addition Present studies for the influence of working pressure on job engagement are mostly from the individual psychological aspect such as psychological capital,and organizational level such as perceived organizational support and other related variables to investigate its mechanism.The individual behavior aspect of the influence function is less involved.In view of this,through combing current domestic and foreign relevantliterature,we introduced the job crafting as a mediator based on job demand-resource model.We studied the influence mechanism of job stressors on work engagement from the perspective of individual behavior,and verified the mediating role of job crafting between them two.This paper discussed the topic from six parts.The first part is introduction,based on the practical background and previous research results,we put forward the research questions of this paper,and expounded the theoretical and practical significance and innovation of this paper.The.second part is the literature review,we analyzed the research background of the challenge and hindrance stressor,job crafting as well as work Engagement.We summarized the relevant theoretical basis and the relationship between variables,to provide a strong support for the next part.The third part is the research hypothesis part.Based on the existing theories,we made a preliminary assumption about the variables,then constructed the corresponding theoretical model.The fourth part is questionnaire design and data collection.We explained the research variable scale selection,questionnaire design and data collection process and methods.The fifth part is data analysis and hypothesis testing.The research hypotheses are verified and analyzed by using scientific methods and data analysis software.The last part is conclusion and inspiration.According to the results of data analysis,we draw the conclusions of this study,and put forward the corresponding management implications.Finally,we pointed out the shortcomings of the study and the possible future research directions.In this study,we studied the effect of challenge-hindrance stressor on job crafting and job engagement through a questionnaire survey of 305 employees,and analyzed them using SPSS and other software.The results of the study showed that:(1)Challenge stressor has positive effect on work engagement;Hindrance stressor has negative effect on work engagement;(2)Challenge stressor has positive effect on two dimensions of job crafting(seeking resources,seeking challenges),and hindrance stressor has negative effect on them;Challenge stressor and hindrance stressor both do not have significantly effect on the third dimension of job crafting(reducing demands);(3)Two dimensions of job crafting(seeking resources,seeking challenges)separately play a mediating role between challenge-hindrance stressor and work engagement;Reducing demands dimension does not have significant mediated effect on them.The possible innovation of this research is manifested in:We researched and tested the mediating mechanism of job crafting between work stressors and work engagement.And on the individual perspective,we reexamine the path from work stressors to work engagement,which enrich the relevant research of work stressors and job crafting.Finally,combining the research conclusions,we put forward some management advice:(1)Optimizing the work design to add more challenge stressors;(2)Establishing an objective and fair salary system,pay attention to the career management of employees;(3)Creating a supportive organizational environment that provides a virtuous platform for job crafting;(4)Strengthening staff's professional skills training,improve their ability of job crafting,thus enhance the level of work engagement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Challenge and Hindrance Stressor, Job Crafting, Work Engagement, Mediating Effect
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