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Research On Government Support In The Financing Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In Heilongjiang Province

Posted on:2020-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330575955777Subject:Public Administration
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SMEs are important parts of the national economy and play a vital role in maintaining social stability,contributing fiscal revenue,regulating economic structure,and promoting technological innovation.In recent years,SMEs in Heilongjiang Province have flourished and their comprehensive competitiveness has been continuously improved.At the same time,however,the problem of financing has seriously hindered the sustained and healthy development of SMEs in Heilongjiang Province.If we can strengthen the government's financing policy for SMEs and solve the problem of financing difficulties,it is of great significance to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of SMEs in Heilongjiang Province.The paper takes the government support in the financing of SMEs in Heilongjiang Province as the starting point,combining the basic theories such as information asymmetry,public goods theory and policy incentive theory,and learns from domestic and foreign governments' advanced experience on supporting finacing service for SMEs to support the policy recommendations related in the financing of SMEs in Heilongjiang Province.Specifically,It includes: First of all,reduce the operating costs of SMEs,including reducing the cost of corporate taxes and fees,solving the problem of land use for SMEs,and reducing the cost of production factors.Second,strengthen financial support policies,including increasing credit support,supporting direct financing,increasing financing guarantees,preventing and resolve liquidity risks,etc.Last,improve the public service system,including continuously optimizing the law environment,the government environment and the market environment,extending the market access areas,and helping SMEs to develop markets to improve the effectiveness of public services.Through the research of this paper,it aims to solve the problem of financing for SMEs in Heilongjiang Province,and provide theoretical basis and policy reference for the government support in the financing of SMEs.
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