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Research On The Profit Pattern Of China’s Online Game Companies Of Free Business Platform

Posted on:2017-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330485463822Subject:Western economics
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Under the influence of the rapid development of the global computer technology, internet background, China’s Internet popularity rate increasing, and online games as a product of the rapid spread of the Internet, in a great extent promotes the development of network economy. Network game industry as a new economic growth point of the Internet, has gradually developed into a pillar industry of China’s digital entertainment and Internet economy, realize the combination of the real world and virtual space, by the Internet users a wide range of attention and recognition. So far, China’s online game industry has been nearly 20 years of development history, with the restriction of time and intense market competition, the game industry special cost structure and consumer internal demand and realistic factors, making online games manufacturers profit model from the profit pattern of charges to free the profit pattern of evolution. In view of this, how to explore the potential advantages to maintain its competitiveness in the market, how to maintain the profitability of game products, explore effective free profit model into the present stage our country network game manufacturers need to think about and solve the problem.Based on the free commercial platform as a realistic background, this paper uses the method of literature analysis, comparative analysis, mathematical analysis and case analysis to study the profit model of China’s online game industry.Firstly, starting from the definition of the concept of free business platform, using mathematical analysis method of free business platform formation mechanism analysis, by constructing the network game consumer market demand model and network game manufacturers profit model, free platform and charging platform of network game consumer market demand and firm’s profit function were compared and analyzed, find free online games manufacturers than the charge of network game manufacturers on the market demand and make a profit the ability has more advantages.Secondly,to the present stage China’s online game industry free profit model analysis, pointed out that the current free profit model for CSP model, namely:to attract customers, customer retention and profits form, and uses the most fiery free game League of legends profit model as a case analysis to prove the free profit model and analysis of free and charge profit model has advantages and disadvantages. Then by the analysis of successful experience in network game industry in the developed countries have made in the development of the industry, to China’s online game industry healthy and sustained development and the optimal choice of network game manufacturers free profit model to provide a reference and inspiration.Finally, according to the previous analysis of Chinese network game free profit model, operation mechanism and the existing problems, in order to perfect China’s online game industry free profit model proposed own some simple thinking.
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