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Research On Evaluation Of Service Operation Of Cluster Supply Chain Based On Agent Simulation

Posted on:2016-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330503955572Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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Since the 1990 s, collaborative supply chain as a new generation of supply chain strategy has been already regarded highly by enterprises and scholars. But due to high heterogeneity exists between enterprises and lack of unified standard, which result in the cluster business synergy is not enough and restricts the overall effect of cluster supply chain. And the Service-system as a large middleware collaborative platform of cluster supply chain can solve these problems, but thanks to its earlier stage of development, it still has to yet lack of actual operating experience, If and only if the operation is efficient, which can promote the information system of cluster supply chain and enterprise integrate. Based on this, a research on evaluation of service operation of Cluster Supply Chain based on Agent simulation is proposed. The content of this research as follows:(1) According to the special environment of operating of service system in cluster supply chain, this paper proposes a evolution simulation model of operation of cluster supply chain service system based on experimental, and put the service system into the supply chain environment to dynamic simulate and analyze, so as to evaluate the operating strategy of service system.(2) In view of service selection strategy of service system, this paper proposes a service operation strategy based on the sub-optimal service selection. The corresponding simulation and experiment about the optimal and suboptimal operation strategy are also carried out. the experimental results showed that the sub-optimal service selection strategy can solve the problem of the optimal service selection strategy is easily lead to low utilization rate of enterprise service resources to induce vicious competition of cluster.(3) to estimate the three pricing strategy of service system,the Preference of enterprises of different-sized to participate in the service system was calculated in different pricing strategy.This research provides amount of technical support and theoretical guidance for ecological system of cluster supply chain to function well, and provides a reference for similar platform In reality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cluster supply chain, service system, Computational experiments, Agent, service operating
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