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Evaluation Of Service Industry Cluster At The Perspective Of The Integration Of Service Supply Chain Models

Posted on:2016-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330467492679Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As the world economy moving forward from the "industrial economy" to "serviceeconomy", service industry occupies an important strategic position among many industrialdepartments in today’s society. At the same time, as the emergence of the rapid developmentof information technology and the high speed means of transport, characteristics of industrialclusters gradually show in the service industry. Modern service industry cluster is at endencyof the world development, and should not be neglected. Service industry cluster is a kind ofinevitable phenomenon which the service factors of production resources flowing andpreparating reasonably, and its network effect and economic effect is one of the best mode ofdevelopment of the service industry spatial distribution. The rise of service industry is notonly the internal demand of the development of the service industry, but also is the inevitablerequirement to improve the regional competitive advantage and the promotion of theeconomic function of the city. Therefore, the research on the factors of service industrycluster development and influence has a great theoretical and practical significance topromote the rapid development of the city economy in china.The process of modern service clusters from dispersion to enterprise integrationdevelopment is also a development process of a service supply chain. The service industrycluster is a group of interrelated industries, and each industry has a upstream and downstreamenterprises. This transverse and longitudinal interlacement implicit many supply chainsub-networks. Therefore, from the perspective of supply chain, I interpret the multi subjectbetween the perplexing service clusters "supply and demand" relationship through theideological integration. By building diversified cluster supply chain, putting forward theservice industry cluster can be set up diversity chains to format a tightly coupled network ofrelationships. Such as R&D chain, knowledge chain, the product chain, marketing chain, information chain, funds chain, service chain, green supply chain, human resources chain andother supply chain and so on. The perspective of service supply chain to the study andanalysis of service industry cluster have a major role on the upgrade and development of theservice industry cluster and cannot be ignored. In view of the Network model of clustersupply chain, this paper have constructed of comprehensive evaluation index system whichconsists of a group of demand factors, supply factors, regional factors of three first levelindexes and24indicators of level2specification composed of service industry cluster level.Then carrying out a comprehensive evaluation by the application of SPSS in data analysis offactor analysis and cluster analysis of service industry cluster level to various provinces.Through the analysis of the development level of service industry cluster to the variousprovinces and cities in China, This paper have summed up the law of the development ofindustry cluster, then provided a reference for other provinces and cities to the serviceindustry cluster development, and combined with the process of the development of China’sservice industry cluster for several problems and put forward the correspondingcountermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modern service industry, Supply chain, Diversification, Industrial cluster, Evaluation system
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