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The Exploration Of The Characteristics Of Lv Ji’s Bird And Flower Paintings

Posted on:2013-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Abstract: The painting of Ming Dynasty has both its own features and thefeatures of Song and Yuan Dynasty in the history of Chinese painting, inparticular the development of the bird and flower painting. The features of birdand flower painting of Ming Dynasty continued to emerge, showing thetechniques and morphologies of this period, and the presentation of thesefeatures innovated on the basis of inheritance. Lv Ji, a court painter, is one ofthe most famous painters in the history of bird and flower painting of MingDynasty. His bird and flower painting is the most beautiful in the imperial-courtdecorative painting of Ming Dynasty, even can match the painters of SongDynasty and surpass decedents. He combined vivid expression with freehandperfectly, applied the brilliant color and composited cleverly. His paintings havea huge frame and remonstrate-function, and are praised highly. Lv Ji used thespecial implication of the bird and flower paintings skillfully to remonstrate therulers, and was praised by Emperor Xiaozong: Only Lv Ji is able to remonstratewith paintings. So, in appreciation of his bird and flower paintings, we should notonly appreciate his skills but also understand the special implication of theconstituent element of his work. The features of his bird and flower paintingshave his own characters on the basis of inheritance. The formation of thecharacteristics of Lv Ji’s painting was inevitable. His time, the aesthetic ideas ofrulers and his line of succession are closely linked with his characteristics. Thepainting is the painter, out stroke, meticulous freehand, dyed outline, quietconnotation; all these features are in line with the traditional aesthetic point ofview. His paintings which represent the highest level of the paintings of the MingDynasty have a profound impact and are worth to studying.
Keywords/Search Tags:Lv Ji a painter of Ming Dynasty bird and flower painting, the features of his painting, implication
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