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Heilongjiang Nonmaterial Heritage Egg Carving The Inheritance And Innovation Research Of Manual Process

Posted on:2017-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Egg carving art, as an intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, it is gradually known and loved by people. However, due to various factors, like other non-heritage protection project, it faces with the question of how to tradition and innovation. In order to better egg carving craftsmanship handed down, it is necessary on the basis of currently available continuous innovation to enhance egg carving level to a higher level, so as to enhance the taste of egg carving works, Artistic Value and infection force, and let the world know more about egg carving artistic charm of this intangible cultural heritage protection projects, to further promote non-heritage into the contemporary people's lives. On one hand, Egg carving craftsmanship tradition is necessary to re-excavate its value, innovation inheritance pattern; on the other hand, it is to innovate in the forms and carving techniques. On the present situation of the intangible cultural heritage protection, egg carving art of the status quo at home and abroad have been studied, analyzed, and egg carving craftsmanship tradition and innovation of the problems were investigated. Through the use of the case studies, comparative law research and law, domestic and foreign egg carving artists' works part analysis and comparison, summed up the egg carving craftsmanship geographical characteristics and cultural value, aesthetic value and economic value of re-mining, to better egg carving craftsmanship heritage. By raising theoretical innovation and tradition in the eggshell carving techniques, egg carving forms, etc., to further improve both the egg carving artistic theories, but also enrich the egg carving craftsmanship specific techniques. The use of innovative "multi-layered shell carving techniques", "sketch carving" and "Render carving" and other egg carving techniques and processes guides and help people create a better egg carving works, and it is to meet the public aesthetic vision of the times demand to make this project a better non-heritage handed down.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intangible cultural heritage, Inheritance, Innovation, Eggshell carving, The technique
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