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The Protection And Inheritance Of Jade Carving

Posted on:2018-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 2001,Kunqu Opera has been proclaimed by UNESCO as " Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity",and the safeguarding of intangible cultural inheritance in China has gone through a jouney nearly 17 years.The development of intangible cultural inheritance safeguarding,more emphasis on the value of traditional culture,so that it is more rich time significance.Intangible cultural inheritance of China's national intangible cultural inheritance list,the intangible cultural inheritance project is divided into ten categories.Beijing jade-carving was inscribed on the second batch of national intangible cultural inheritance list in 2008,becoming one of the traditional art projects.Beijing jade-carving has a history of nearly 750 years of inheritance and is still living in folk heritage.It came from the palace cultural foundation of yuan,and after Ming and Qing three generations on the development of Beijing jade-carving,exquisite beauty of material,contains a profound cultural connotation,in the traditional culture of China has not impregnable position.As intangible cultural inheritance project,Beijing jade-carving itself contains both economic and cultural attributes,which contains a wealth of value.Therefore,in this paper,the research on the jade-carving in Beijing needs to use the methods of sociology,culturology,anthropology,aesthetics and so on.Since the Yuan Dynasty to the modern society,Beijing jade-carving has a glorious history of achievement,but also between after the new China was founded in 1950 to 1990,for the development of innovation,China's traditional art made a great contribution for the country's export.But since 1990 and so far,during the market economy development of Beijing jade,the situation was deteriorating,shrinking,appeared in the inheritors of a serious aging problem,lacing of obvious successors' problems seriously affect the healthy development of its own.From the perspective of intangible cultural inheritance,this paper makes an in-depth investigation of Beijing jade-carving.To explore the status quo of the safeguarding and inheritance of Beijing jade-carving technology,and strive to get the solutions to the problems encountered by Beijing jade-carving,and provide the reference for the jade-carving in Beijing in contemporary society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Beijing jade-carving, intangible cultural inheritance, Inheritance, safeguarding
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