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Expression Of Space-Time In Late Ming Dynasty's Printmaking

Posted on:2018-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330518472728Subject:Fine Arts
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The late Ming Dynasty,is the peak of the development of printmaking.During this period,the printmaking had formed a better style in the space-time expression.Researches about the form of space and time of the prints in the late Ming Dynasty are not many.Shiyu Huapu,Hainei Qiguan and The Romance of the western Chamber are the representative of printmaking in the late Ming Dynasty.This paper tries to research them to investigate the space and time expression in printmaking,quoting related scholars' works to analyze the astrological symbolic meaning,from method of how the authors deal with space and time to discuss the expression of astrological symbols,virtual space and time reconstruction,to proved the diversity of the space-time expression in the late Ming Dynasty's printmaking,and the similarity between the expression of the virtual space and time in the printmaking and that of Chinese opera.
Keywords/Search Tags:late Ming Dynasty's printmaking, virtual space and time, reconstruction of space and time
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