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Chinese-English Translation Report Of A Study Of Ethnic Relations In Northwest China In The Middle Ages (Excerpts)

Posted on:2018-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A Study of Ethnic Relations in Northwest China in the Middle Ages is a historical monograph by Professor Zhou Weizhou.It focuses on the study of the ethnic relationship in the period of the Wei,Jin,the Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties in northwest region in ancient China.At the background of Silk Road Economic Belt initiated by the government,as well as Going out Strategy of Chinese Philosophy and Social Sciences,the translation and introduction of this work has profound academic and realistic meanings.Based on the author 's translation of the Preface and the excerpts of Chapter 3 of the above mentioned book,this translation report consists of five parts.The first part is an introduction of this translation task.It firstly presents how the report is structured and introduces this task's background,object,significance as well as the requirements.The second part is the preparation stage before translation,involving a brief of the original text,glossary,parallel texts,Text Typology Theory and the translation schedule.The third part reviews the whole translation process,concerning the implementation of translation schedule,the difficulties in translation,and the evaluation to translation quality.The fourth part is case analysis.The author illustrates the employment of the translation strategies,techniques and methods under the guidance of Text Typology Theory.The last part is the summary.The author provides some unsolved questions and experiences in the translation practice.The main difficulty in this translation practice is to achieve the aim of cultural communication on the basis of academic exchange.Therefore,under the guidance of"Text Typology Theory",the author attempts to strengthen the readability of the translation on the principle of "communicative translation",and to achieve the closest equivalent to the original text on the principle of "semantic translation".The author hopes that this report can provide some enlightenment and reference to the translation of academic works.
Keywords/Search Tags:Text Typology Theory, semantic translation, communicative translation, academic translation
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