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Research On The Development Of Voluntary Action Network

Posted on:2016-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330473466010Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years,across regions and types of grassroots organizations on the basis of mutual cooperation for collective action for many times,complete a lot of seemingly impossible task.After completion the task and maintained a "connection" Gradually formed a spontaneous voluntary action network.How the voluntary action network to achieve the development path and evolution mechanism?Answer to this question is helpful to the dynamic evolutio n object scientific analytic and standard policy.Based on the "HUA XIA GONG YI" volunteer action network as the object of case,use the IAD analysis framework,from volunteer action network interpersonal trust departure,analysis of the micro environment fact or and the macro environment factor of the internal development of the voluntary action network.On the folk position llustrated based of volunteer action network is how to implement public welfare goal use the collaborative sharing,promote the development of organizations and individuals.Using the policy network theory analyzed in the process of public policy implementation how participants to interact with voluntary action network.The policy community and examining the network hope that the action network can play the function of the service society and without a challenge to the government authority.Network issues interact with voluntary action network lies in the communicative activities in their respective meet demand.IAD analysis framework and policy ne twork theory just want to analyzed how development of process and effect to comprehensive analysis of the development mechanism and the present situation of volunteer action network.Based on the above analysis,volunteer action network want to stable development should have an enhance ability and have a good system environment. Starting to enhance ability must clear organization mission concept,design projects meet the demand,standard construction of network system and suitable human resource reserves.Star ting from the system environment construction,guide the regulations of the law,to perfect legislation system cultivate the social atmosphere and set up a special fund to support.
Keywords/Search Tags:voluntary action network, policy network theory, IAD analysis framework
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