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Research On The Legal Issues Of Macro Regulation And Control The Real Estate Market In China

Posted on:2016-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After reform of housing marketing and monetization, the real estate industry has become an very important part of China's economy. Its tremendous drive effect on related industries, has played a huge role in promoting for China's economic growth. And the product of the industry also occupies an important position in people's daily lives,So the development of the real estate industry has the significant influence to our country's economic and social life, natural highly concerned by the countries and people. Because of the congenital defects of the market, the real estate industry in the rapid development has achieved significant results, but also exposed many problems: The rapid growth of housing prices, Speculative market is serious, the redistribution of social wealth inequality. How to ensure and promote the sound development of the real estate industry at the same time, the people's housing requirements. To become an important task of government regulation of the real estate industry.The macro-control of real estate is the country relies on the economic, legal and administrative regulation and control means, the regulation and control of the real estate market from a macro, in order to promote the optimization and balance of the real estate market in the total supply and demand structure, realize the coordinated development of the real estate and National economy. But for a long time China's macro-control of real estate, the lack of legal order security, not only the effect and the expected results of regulation is contrary, will damage the market mechanism, leading to the real estate market disorder. The regulation of real estate legalization be imperative.Taking the economic law perspective: policy and law of macro-control of real estate market in our country always exist differences, in the regulation of the process, public power is lack of legal constraints, private right is lack of legal protection, scope of regulation, control program is not perfect. The macro-control of real estate is a system engineering, need to arrange reasonable legal system in the financial, land, taxation and other aspects, Only straighten out relationship of the government and the market, the central and local governments, in order to fundamentally untied the real estate macro-control dilemma.In this paper, facing the main contradictions and problems of real estate market regulation, starting from the concept of value of economic law, basic theory, Outland experience, To investigate the proper meaning of real estate macro-control by law, and provide improved effective to law practice in our country real estate macro-control.
Keywords/Search Tags:Real estate, macro-control law, central and local government, rule of law
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