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American Foreign Policy Towards Vietnam During The Kennedy Administration And Diem Coup

Posted on:2017-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330485957063Subject:World History
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During the cold war,the American policy in Vietnam has been hot topic in the academia,research achievements on this problem are also very rich,but the coup against Diem research is very limited,this paper research in the United States through planning Diem coup which events to demonstrate policy analysis of the United States to the south.The author analyzed and sorted out the archives of the United States of America,and obtained the conclusion that is closer to the historical facts.The Kennedy government attitude to the Diem regime support and change as the main line using the US declassified diplomatic files,analysis at the top of this problem different views,and includes government officials in the United States,U.S.ambassador to Vietnam and Vietnam warlords of the telephone and telegraph to discuss the current situation in Vietnam and the United States in the light of the current situation,to take different measures.This paper mainly from three aspects to elaborate this problem,first expounds the for Vietnam's Ngo Dinh Diem regime to overthrow the original and the new government's plan,which includes two parts,first of all is tells the story of the U.S.military push renovation and regime of the plan,and then introduces the situation of Vietnam,the United States is discussed.Second aspects of the United States to overthrow the Wu Tingyan regime,first introduced the United States whether to overthrow the Wu Tingyan regime was discussed,and finally about the United States views on the Wu Tingyan regime.The last part tells the story of the American Coup considerations,including the United States have different views on the Diem regime and the Ngo Dinh Diem and into a new and disposal problems.Through the above analysis,the following conclusions can be drawn: in the sixties of twentieth century,the United States has been in Vietnam affairs interference;and think through fostering the Vietnam government corruption to rule in Vietnam;the president of the United States obtained the support of Parliament.As a world power,the United States arbitrarily interfered in the internal affairs of a small country in Vietnam as a kind of hegemony.
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