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Study On Social Stability Risk Evaluation System For Major Projects In Boxing, Shandong

Posted on:2017-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330488475283Subject:Public Administration
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Major projects’social stability risk assessment originates from the world-wide economic safety assessment in the 20lh century. By analyzing and evaluating the social stability and risk degree of major projects in advance, we can timely detect the hidden dangers that may affect social stability and take immediate measures to prevent or eliminate them, so as to provide scientific support and security assurance for the smooth implementation of major projects, guarantee our society runs on the normal track, and prevent situations that may seriously threaten our social stability.Social stability risk assessment is a significant measure to promote scientific and democratic decision-making and maintain social stability. It also helps to predict, analyze, evaluate, and rapidly detect the hidden risks that may damage social security and avoid, reduce and eliminate the social stability risks in correct ways, so as to guarantee the smooth implementation of major engineering projects and ensure a harmonious, stable and secure society.Before the risk assessment, it is required to identify the risk degree, that is, to what extent a project may threaten the social stability. According to the comprehensive evaluation criterion, the risk degree is generally divided into three grades:low, medium and high. There two ways to identify the risk degree:one is comprehensive evaluation criterion and the other is comprehensive index. The theoretical basis of social stability risk assessment is that the risk is not only predictable but also measurable. The reason for the risks is closely related to the social structure and its forming process. The risk degree depends on the project scale, scope of influence, rationality, social structure diversity and mass psychology etc.It is necessary to carry out social stability risk assessment for major projects either from the theoretical study or from the practice. "Suining Pattern" advocates mandatory risk assessment by taking the stability risk assessment as a precondition to approve and initiate a new project. "Huai’an Pattern" creates "Five-step Working Method" which includes the risk assessment into the safety construction assessment and cadre achievement assessment.The purpose of studying major projects’social stability risk assessment is not only to provide persuasive theoretical support, but also to enhance the administrative organization’s ability to forecast, prevent and eliminate the social stability risks by analyzing the existing problems at work, and to strengthen social control ability, so as to eradicate the risk factors from the source and to fundamentally prevent and solve the problems and contradictions that emerge in the process of social and economic development.Due to the late start of theoretical study and practice, as well as the short history of major projects’social stability risk assessment in China, we may feel at a loss of many unexpected problems appearing in the implementation process. Therefore, it is necessary for us to conduct research in this aspect. Against that backdrop and based on the research achievements of previous scholars, we carry out an empirical study to analyze the social stability risk assessment of a major fixed assets investment project implemented in Boxing County, Shandong Province using risk management theory. We find out the primary problems, analyze the causes for these problems from different perspectives. On this basis, we summarize a set of scientific, reasonable, feasible and correct assessment procedures and methods according to the practical situation, and provide feasible countermeasures to improve the social stability risk assessment for major county-level engineering projects. By doing this, we aim to effectively solve the problems during the implementation of social stability risk assessment, let the assessment procedure become more forward-looking, scientific and effective, stifle the risk factors in the cradle and fundamentally eradicate the contradictions, so as to ensure healthy economic development and a harmonious and stable society.
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