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A Case Study About Institutional Reform Of The Chengdu Police Tongji Bridge Station Integrated

Posted on:2017-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512459383Subject:Public Administration
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The police station is the most grass-roots public security organs of the comprehensive fighting entity,the forefront of the battle fort and outside the window,in the maintenance of social stability,the fight against illegal crime,public order management,play a crucial role in serving the masses and so on.With the development of the times and the change of the social situation,the public security police station has become more and more obvious shortcomings of the traditional policing operation mode.Since the twentieth national public security conference,all over the country around the police station police reform has launched a wide range of active exploration.According to the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau police bureau of Tianfu bridge reform as an example,the typical case of the bridge are described,the results achieved in the reform of the system analysis,put forward three key factors: fully integrate the functions of police organization reform,set up rational organization,a sound operating mechanism.This paper consists of eight chapters.The first chapter is the introduction,which mainly introduces the background,the basis,the domestic and foreign research status,the theoretical basis,the research methods,the content and the results;The second chapter mainly introduces the present situation of our country,grassroots police organization reform achievements,existing problems and the typical case of the bridge;The third chapter mainly describes the bridge police station case background,history and characteristics;The fourth,fifth,sixth chapter mainly analysis the function integration,institutional setup and mechanism construction system of bridge case organization;The seventh chapter mainly summarizes the case of the police station bridge structure reform enlightenment;The eighth chapter is the end of the chapter,the main research on the reform of police station is reviewed,and based on the development trend of the police to put forward the research prospects.Research shows that the function of full integration,set up rational organization,key sound operating mechanism of police organization reform,the three is an organic whole,only the system of solving the three key factors,institutional reforms to the police station and achieved good results.
Keywords/Search Tags:institutional reform, police station, functional integration, institutional setup, operating mechanism
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