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Research On The Reform Of Police Mechanism In Police Stations

Posted on:2021-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330647457704Subject:Master of Public Administration
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Since the 18 th CPC National Congress,the public security organs at all levels have been guided by Xi Jinping's thinking on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.They have thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thinking on public security reform,adhered to systematization,engineering and project planning,and promoted the in-depth development of comprehensive deepening of reform.It presents many bright spots such as high reform level,wide coverage,and strong technology.The police station is a dispatched agency,grassroots organization,and first-line comprehensive combat entity of the public security organs.It is at the forefront of cracking down on illegal crimes and protecting the people.With the increasingly severe and complex situation of public security,the duties and tasks of police stations are becoming more and more serious and the intensity of work density is gradually increasing.Its original police mechanism is more and more difficult to meet the needs of social security,and it is urgent to explore new police mechanism reforms.In recent years,the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau has consistently implemented the directives of the government and public security organs of the Party committees at all levels,guided by the Framework Opinions on Certain Important Issues Concerning the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform of the Communist Party of China and the State Office,and adhered to the idea of building people as the center.We will focus on the goal of building a "safe Nanjing",sum up the experience of the "four modernizations" of the National Public security organs,and actively promote the reform of various police work mechanisms in police stations.Then,it provides the mechanism guarantee for maintaining the social security and stability situation,and it also has fruitful results for the reform of the police mechanism at the grassroots police station.However,the police work in the basic police station is a dynamic process.At the same time,criminal patterns are constantly evolving.The police work mechanism must be a process of continuous development.Therefore,there is no end to its theoretical construction and practical exploration.In the future,our research on police theory and practice will continue to produce new breakthroughs.After in-depth and solid investigation,combined with the author's rich experience in the post work,the article chose the reform of the police mechanism of the public security station as the research object,and took the M police station in Nanjing as a research sample to clarify the history of development.We will comprehensively apply basic theories such as the sociological theory of public security,the theory of non-growth improvement of the police force,the theory of new public services,and the theory of multi-center governance.Taking full advantage of the experience of the United Kingdom,France,Germany,the United States,Japan and other countries,as well as Zhengzhou,Daqing,Liaoyuan,Wuhan and other domestic public security reform models,we put forward countermeasures and suggestions for the reform of the police mechanism in police stations.It is hoped that it can provide some reference for theoretical researchers and reform promoters.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public security reform, Local police station, Police mechanism
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